December 1, 2023
Auxílio Carnaval

Ambev will give R$150 to collectors and street vendors at Carnival 2022

In the second year that the pandemic has canceled carnival parties, Ambev, owner of several of the best-selling beer brands on that date, such as Skol and Brahma, will provide financial assistance to 23,000 street vendors and collectors who will have their activity hampered by the suspension of street parties.

The program will give an amount of at least R$150 per worker, but this amount may increase with a second part of the initiative, which includes the application of Zé Delivery drinks. In total, the profit can reach R$255.

For each order made through the app between February 27 and March 5, the action will allocate another $5 for the amount, and the total will be split between registered and street vendors.

Register with Ambev

The purpose of the measure designed by Ambev is to minimize the damage that the cancellation of street carnival and samba school parades would do to collectors and street vendors. You can check out the full list here.

Registration has already started and will continue until March 6 until the end of ambif page. According to the brewery, about 20,000 workers from across the country will be selected to receive assistance of up to R$255.

During registration, the street vendor must submit a copy of the document proving the vendor’s accreditation or license to work with street vendors at festivals already held.

Credentials, licenses, registration document as a traveling salesman, etc., are accepted by Ambev as evidence. It was also delivered through the platform. After the registry was edited, the R$150 assistance was released.

The Ajuda um Ambulante platform also offers the possibility to take a course on responsible alcohol consumption and receive R$5 in return.

According to Ambev’s director of corporate marketing, Nathalia Bergstron, the initiative is important to help the carnival production chain, which is severely affected by the pandemic. “We believe that, as a Brazilian company, we have to work to help our ecosystem, especially those who will not be able to count on the extra income from vacations in 2022. Financial assistance gives breath in this carnival period to the essentials. Partners who have always been by our side to make parties The streets are speaking,” he emphasized

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