September 24, 2023
Ambibar (AMBP3) Goes to US: Subsidiary to go public on US stock exchange after merger with HPX

Ambibar (AMBP3) Goes to US: Subsidiary to go public on US stock exchange after merger with HPX

The Amphibar (AMBP3), which gained impressive momentum after its IPO It has made at least 30 acquisitions since its IPOIt wants to expand its horizons and aims to reach America: after raising US$ 168 million with investors, its subsidiary Emergencia Participações has the intention to grow and go public. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) After merging with HPX Corporation.

Upon completion of the transaction, the newly formed company, Ambibar Emergency Response, will own all of the shares of EmergencyParticipass and will trade on the NYSE under the ticker AMBI.

According to the market announcement, the business is still dependent on regulatory approvals and shareholders of HPX, which the market calls a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) or special purpose entity. Basically, it is a company that raises funds through a public offering to acquire some other business, which later becomes a publicly traded company.

Emergency operations including provision of services, prevention and management of environmental emergencies.

In the new business, Ambibar will be the majority shareholder of the company, with 71.8% of the share capital and 96.2% of the voting capital. Additionally, there is also an opportunity to increase your stake in Ambibar’s response in line with meeting certain payout targets.

Assessment ambibar (AMBP3) and new compn

The market value attributed to the new company is significant because, through this merger, it should be approximately R$ 2.9 billion, according to a report available on the CVM, above the R$ 2.6 billion attributed to Ambipar (AMBP3) and according to the close of the trading session on Tuesday (5).

AMBP3 shares, which were quoted at R$22.84 at yesterday’s close, are now piling up losses of 7.7% in relation to the IPO stage – the documents hit the market at R$24.75. But not too long ago, amber was one of the darlings of the market.

In August 2021, AMBP3 shares were trading above BRL 64.00, accumulating gains of more than 250% compared to the IPO level – a strong acquisition wave and the implementation of the strategic plan described in the IPO are important to please the market.

But amid slumps in global stock markets coupled with high inflation, rising interest rates and fears of an economic slowdown, fears spooked investors, hitting market newcomers hard – and fueling strong gains in AMBP3.