November 28, 2023
AMD announces Ryzen 7000: up to 5.7GHz and Ryzen 5 beats Core i9 in gaming

AMD announces Ryzen 7000: up to 5.7GHz and Ryzen 5 beats Core i9 in gaming

Processors arrive on September 27 at prices similar to those before them

The My God About launching the first products in the family Risen 7000 desktop, codenamed Rafael, at a press event and was broadcast online on his YouTube channel. Among the key features of the generation is the new 5nm FinFET manufacturing process, a first in a CPU for the desktop, plus leaps in performance coupled with greater energy efficiency. In addition to processors, More details were also provided on AM5 . motherboards for these models, Plus a new standard for automatic RAM overclocking, AMD EXPO.

AMD CEO Lisa Sue took to the stage to deliver the news that the company’s engineers exceeded the target and achieved an overall IPC gain of 13%. But because the Zen4 generation achieves higher operating frequencies, the end result is 29% higher performance per thread than previous Ryzen 5000 products.

The product capable of hitting this watch is the “king of the mountain”, the Ryzen 9 7950X, a product with a total of 16 cores and 32 threads. In the generational comparison, it achieves up to 30% increase in gaming and nearly 50% in professional display applications.

But the company did not limit itself to comparison with its products. In contention with the Core i9-12900K, a top-tier product from rival Intel, it delivered performance and efficiency gains, delivering over 57% performance benefits and 47% higher performance per watt consumed.

In addition to the top of the family, AMD has also introduced its high-end products starting with the Ryzen 5 7600X, Ryzen 7 7700X, and Ryzen 9 7900X. According to AMD, all of its products announced in this release can offer more gaming performance than the Intel Core i9-12900K, with the Ryzen 5 7600X on average 5% ahead of the most powerful product on the “blue side of the force”..


the prices

price at launch USD 699.00 USD 549.00 USD 399.00 USD 299.00
Updated price USD 699.00 USD 549.00 USD 399.00 USD 299.00


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General features

Zen4 Evolution by Ryzen 7000

The company has gone into more details about the modifications it has made to this new generation of products, with a notable criticism of its competitor. While Intel will succumb to powering its products only for performance increases, AMD positions itself as looking for improvements on all fronts, increasing performance in the same measure as it increases efficiency in its design, both in heating and in optimizing operations and even in Use the area.

Performance gains in instructions per hour (IPC, instructions per hour) are derived from changes to the front-end design of the processor, along with a data prediction engine that successfully accesses data requested by the CPU, as well as more caches at level 2 (L2 cache).

But one of the biggest surprises is likely to be the performance investment with the AVX-512, including support for this complex type of instruction and AMD’s pitting against Intel, which dropped support for the 12th-generation Intel Core, Alder Lake. At the time, Intel justified the need to disable this feature for its mainstream desktop products because efficiency cores did not support this feature, and a hybrid architecture had to be coherent, i.e. an operating system could distribute functionality on both performance cores (y-cores) and efficiency (electronic cores). ). With a unified architecture, the Ryzen 7000 does not suffer from this limitation.

As consumption and heating go hand in hand in the world of chips, energy efficiency developments have also affected the ability to deliver more performance under various heating constraints. While the most powerful models at 105W and 170W of heat dissipation offer a gain of more than 30%, the 65W TDP, the most common in the CPU family, makes an impressive 74% jump, nearly doubling the performance within the same level of heat dissipation. .

A related change to the Zen4 architecture is that it will incorporate improvements that are currently only found in the Ryzen processor family of laptops, such as more efficient low-power states and more precise power-use swaps. This is another important factor for the evolution in the efficiency of 7000 series desktop products.

What is the price and when will the new AMD Ryzen 7000 arrive

AMD’s new generation of Zen4-based processors arrives on September 27th. Multiple models came at the same price as the previous generation, except for the Ryzen 7 7950X, which comes in at $699, down $100 off the suggested Ryzen 9 5950X.

Journalist Diego Kerber traveled to Austin, Texas, at the invitation of AMD.


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