August 15, 2022
America and Europe show weakness in the face of a declared attack

America and Europe show weakness in the face of a declared attack

NATO leaves Ukraine defending itself, shows no sign of sending troops to the country and the UN

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is a liar. You don’t care about that picture. He dominates the situation. you America and its European allies on Thursday (24.Feb.2022) proved unable to stop the Russian offensive in its invasion of Ukraine. They cannot stop Putin from doing whatever he wants in the coming days and weeks. Maybe not even in the next few years.

Two weeks ago, on February 11, the US government was already saying that Russia can invade Ukraine at any time.

The ability to anticipate a military attack in advance gave the impression that Washington and its European allies were preparing for it efficiently. Not that you saw it later, the warning was just to shame Putin. Like it’s possible.

oh Russian government He said his soldiers only participated in military exercises near the border with Ukraine and that he did not want war. America and Europe cannot claim to believe Putin’s lies. All that was left was to accept that they could not stop the Russians. The question is whether the same situation will continue.

The NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) There are 3 members with nuclear weapons: USA, France and UK. But they did not scare the Russian government. Ukraine was planning to join NATO. It was already considered a de facto member of the Western Military Alliance. But it was occupied, and NATO limited itself to using wordsSomething the UN (United Nations) has already done.

Fresh troops from NATO countries went to countries bordering Ukraine. It is useless. Putin doesn’t seem to be planning to invade other countries. At least not soon. Ukrainians defend themselves.

Economic sanctions against Russia were presented as severe. But those were the moves expected by the Russians, the greatest chess masters indeed. No wonder. They are ready. The Russian government has more than $630 billion in dollar reserves. And China’s supportWorld’s 2nd largest economy.

magazine Economist 5 says in its version published (read Hereto subscribers) that Putin “Hardly Judged by History”. For which history books? Americans, British, Germans and French. In Russian works, he will appear as a leader who once again terrorized the country. As in Soviet times.


25.Feb.2022 (11:19 am) – Contrary to what was published in this post, the featured image is not the Russian attacks on Ukraine, but the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip in May 2021. The text above has been edited and updated.