June 6, 2023

America ends with goalkeeper Gilson; The initiative came from the athlete

Photo: Joe Zibral/America

Jailson training at CT Lanna Drumond

The champion of the Libertadores Cup, goalkeeper Gilson asked to terminate the contract with America. And the club announced, on Tuesday (5), that the initiative was taken by the athlete. The bond was due to expire in December.

Jailson was not on the list of recent games in Objectivesfor rounds 14 and 15 of Brazil, and against Botafogo in the Round of 16 of the Copa del Rey.

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His American idol, Cavicioli, was off the field for six months due to surgery to place a catheter in his heart and open a blocked vein. With his return, coach Wagner Mancini will have the difficult task of choosing between him and Gilson to defend Alverde’s goal.

After the victory over Gois, this Sunday (3), the coach answered about the competition for a place in the starting lineup. During the speech, he delivered The commander stated thatin time, it will be chosen between one or the other.

“Jailson has had great moments here, there again, at Libertadores, and Matheus also has a history at the club. It will be decided calmly. We can’t move forward with anything. But, in time, we will decide,” Mancini said.

Passing through America

Despite his short duration of five and a half months, Gilson left great marks in American history. He was hired in January to replace Cavicioli, the 40-year-old goalkeeper who has adapted quickly to FC Minas Gerais.

In Coelho’s 27 matches, one tick was made in the fan’s memory. Archer had already scored an excellent 90 minutes in the 0-0 draw against FC Barcelona, ​​in the second leg of the third stage of the Copa Libertadores. However, with a penalty shootout, he defended the Queens accusation and qualified America for the group stage of the competition.