December 4, 2022
America eyes Ceará's green hydrogen - Victor Ximenes

America eyes Ceará’s green hydrogen – Victor Ximenes

After the Europeans, it is the turn of the North American players in the green hydrogen project of the Besem complex. On October 10 and 11, representatives of Ceará presented a panel during the Hydrogen America Summit 2022 – one of the most important events in the sector – Ceará’s potential in clean fuel production and access to public and private companies worldwide.

“Some people came to us, mainly, wanting to understand the time. They wanted to know how far we have progressed and see that we will get green hydrogen in a short period of time, because they consider 2026 as a short term”, pointed out the commercial Dura Uribe. Managing Director of Complexo do Becem.

According to him, this meeting allowed the establishment of a link between Brazil and the United States. “We’ve gained significant recognition in this segment,” Tuna said.

Another advantage pointed out by Complexo do Pecém’s Commercial Executive Director is the close relationship with the US Department of Energy. “Today we can say that the US government is aware of our Green Hydrogen Hub plan.”

The trip to America provided a meeting between representatives of the Besem complex and the American company AES, which signed the last preliminary agreement to establish a plant for the production and sale of H2V and derivatives in Besem.

Currently, 22 MoUs have been signed on the Besem Green Hydrogen Hub project, two of which have already evolved into pre-contracts.

*Contributed by Carolina Mesquita and Ingrid Coelho