July 25, 2024

America is preparing against Omigran, but it is too soon to lock up

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Crédito: AFP/Arquivos
Crédito: AFP/Arquivos
Credit: AFP / Archives

Fauci: Americans should be prepared to fight the spread of the new Covit-19 Omigran variant, but it’s too soon to say what action is needed (Credit: AFP / Archives)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Americans must be prepared to fight the spread of the new Covit-19 Omigran variant, but Chief Dr. Anthony Fossy said Sunday that it is too early to say what action is needed, including possible locks. Diseases of the country.

Fossie told ABC News that the United States should do “anything and everything” amid the potential events of change, but “too soon” to say whether new lockdowns will be needed.

“You have to be willing to do anything and everything,” he added.

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Omigran was first discovered in South Africa and reported in recent days, being found in developing countries.

Fassi, in an interview with NBC News on Saturday, said that although no official case has been confirmed, it is possible that he is already in the United States.

Fassi told ABC News this week in a separate interview that U.S. health officials will talk again about the variation on Sunday with their South African counterparts.

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