July 25, 2024

American Elections. Senate Democratic leader expects ‘strong’ nationwide results

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Ukrainian multinationals demand their Iranian counterparts to stop selling "drones" to Russia
Ukrainian multinationals demand their Iranian counterparts to stop selling "drones" to Russia

“In terms of elections across the country, I think it’s very, very close. But at the end of the day, Americans are going to want to have someone on their side and not some strong interests.” , referring to the Republican Party. .

Chuck Schumer specified that he was referring specifically to voting in Pennsylvania and Georgia, two states where the winning party is uncertain and where defeating Democrats could cost majorities in the House and Senate.

The Democratic leader in the New York State Senate is running for a fifth term, as polls indicate that he is the front-runner over his Republican challenger, Joseph Binion.

“I feel very confident in my re-election,” he told reporters after voting for Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York.

As for the state’s gubernatorial election, opinion polls suggest there is a heated battle between Gov. Cathy Hochhol and Republican candidate Lee Zelden.

However, Schumer also expressed confidence in a good outcome for Democrats: “(Hochul) has a strong agenda on insecurity and other issues,” noting the importance that crime has gained throughout the campaign.

All 435 of the House seats will be in today’s election, where Democrats currently have a slim majority of five, and 35 in the Senate, where Democrats have a majority only thanks to a deputy vote. President Kamala Harris.

The elections could not only change the face of the US Congress, but also bring to power governors and local officials fully committed to the ideas of Donald Trump. A very heavy defeat in this upcoming election may further complicate the scenario of a second presidential term for Joe Biden.

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