July 23, 2024

American population grows at the slowest pace in history during epidemics | The world

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American population grows at the slowest pace in history during epidemics |  The world
American population grows at the slowest pace in history during epidemics |  The world

population To us It grew by just 0.1% between July 2020 and 2021, the lowest level ever recorded in history, showing its impact, according to data released on Tuesday (21). Covit-19 International Distribution And Demographics From the country. You United States Also closed the period with a population of 393,000, raising the population to 331.9 million.

As stated in it Census Office, There were 148,000 more births than deaths during this period, which has contributed to the country’s population growth over the years. Among other factors – measuring the entry and exit of people from abroad – there was an increase of 245,000. This was the first year that the positive birth balance was lower than the attendance Immigrants.

The new estimates provide a summary of the effects of the first year International spread. Population growth United States The front was slow Govt 19, But over the past decade it has reached an average of more than 2 million people a year.

Population shrinks in seventeen states, led by New York (-1.6%), Illinois (-0.9%) and Hawaii (-0.7%) – Photo: Getty Images

The birth rate has been steadily declining since the 2007-2009 financial crisis. Already that Death Increased, especially in states more prone to opioid infections. In addition, immigration has declined in recent years due to established policies Former President Donald Trump.

Seventeen states have seen their populations shrink Nova York (-1.6%), Illinois (-0,9%) e Hawaii (-0.7%). On California, Was down 0.7%, the second-lowest in history. Number of inhabitants D.C. Where is the capital Washington, Fell 2.9%. On the other hand, the most profitable states Idaho (2.9%), Utah (1,7%) e Montana (1.7%).

Florida, Texas and Arizona Gained huge gains with migration movements International spread Led to more people moving to warmer areas with lower taxes.

Net International Migration United States Attempts to cross the southern border of the country illegally have been relatively low despite being recorded. This year’s number (245,000) was slightly more than half of the previous year (477 thousand). In 2016, that number – including Americans returning or leaving the country – was over 1 million.

Most of those who tried to cross the border illegally are deported, while the epidemic has cut channels for legal immigration. Visa processing is about half the normal level, and so is the admission plan Refugees Is paralyzed.

The ratings themselves were affected International spread, Delayed detailed data about 2020 Census, The agency generally relies on it to quantify population growth. On the contrary, the Census Office Other sources, such as birth and death certificates, had to be used.

Despite the recession caused International spread, Predictions of Census Office And United Nations Show the expected population United States Growing until the middle of the century. On the other hand, Japan And many European countries Germany, Poland and Portugal, We already see waterfalls. In addition, the census China Peak before 2030.

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