July 23, 2024

American University robot performs laparoscopic surgery without human assistance

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Considered a ‘hit’, this process was done to one pig and repeated four times.

Revelation / Johns Hopkins UniversityThe procedure was performed on the pig and repeated four times with precision.

Johns Hopkins University To us, Took a step up Medicine. A performance of a robot designed by college researchers surgery More complicated without human assistance. The patient underwent a swine and gastrointestinal procedure four times to ‘prove his surgical prowess’. This success was recorded in the field of scientific robotics. Called ‘intestinal anastomosis’, it is a procedure in which the surgeon reconnects two previously severed ends of the bowel. This requires very serious precision when sewing. Axel Krieger, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the university, commented on the experiment. “Robotic anastomosis is a way to ensure that all patients, regardless of the surgeon’s ability, can perform the most accurate and repetitive surgical procedures with the utmost precision and accuracy,” Grieger said. “We believe this will result in a democratized surgical approach to patient care with more predictable and sustainable outcomes,” he said.

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