February 5, 2023
Americana agrees to a new institutional structure;  Usiminas, Cemig, Vivo, Banrisul will pay dividends, JCP and more news

Americana agrees to a new institutional structure; Usiminas, Cemig, Vivo, Banrisul will pay dividends, JCP and more news

Corporate news on Monday (13) highlights the approval of Americana’s new corporate structure (AMER3).

Usiminas (USIM5), Cemig (CMIG4), Telefônica Brasil (VIVT3) and Banrisul (BRSR6) have agreed to distribute dividends and interest on equity (JCPs), while Itaú (ITUB4) will pay JCP instead of monthly dividends in 2022.

Simpar (SIMH3) has purchased a network of agents in Maranhão for R$306 million.

Check out the highlights:

American stores (lame 4) and American (AMER3)

to Americanas (AMER3) Notified of the approval at the Extraordinary General Assembly Last Friday (10) the new simplified corporate structure, with one stock listing in B3’s Novo Mercado.

According to the company, the move advances the goal of being one company for customers, partners and investors.

With approval, the current controller of Lojas Americanas will become a reference shareholder of 29.5% of Americana’s share capital, relinquishing control without charging a premium.

The shares will be consolidated by distributing shares of AMER3 owned by Lojas Americanas to the shareholders of LAME3 or LAME4 in equal proportions. Each LAME3 or LAME4 share will be converted into 0.188,964 AMER3 shares. Within the scope of the deal, Americanas SA’s bylaws were also amended and a toxic contraceptive pill was included, with a 15% stake.

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The company informs that the next steps are related to the right to withdraw from LAME3, which begins on December 14 and ends on January 13. On the same date, the operational process to standardize the contribution rules will begin, as January 21 will be the last trading day for LAME3 and LAME4 on B3. On January 26, LAME3 and LAME4 shareholders will finally receive AMER3 shares, completing the merger.

Usiminas (USIM5)

Usiminas (USIM5) has agreed to distribute interest on equity (JCP), net of R$0.149100626 per common share and R$0.164010688 per preferred share, for a total of R$191.4 million.

Proceeds will be paid on December 30, 2021, based on contribution status on December 15, 2021.

Telefónica Brazil (fift 3)

Telefônica Brasil (VIVT3) has agreed to pay interest on equity (JCP) and dividends, for a total amount of R$805 million.

JCPs will be paid out net of R$0.40803529374 per share. The dividend will be R$0.89448730817 per share.

Proceeds will be distributed on an equity share basis on December 27. Payment will be made by July 31, 2022.

Banrisul (BRSR6)

Banrisul (BRSR6) has agreed to pay R$70 million in interest on equity (JCP). The total unit value for each type and class of shares will be R$ 0.17111449 per ON share, R$ 0.18461783 per PNA share and R$ 0.17111449 per PNB share.
Payment will be made according to the contribution status as of December 15 of this year. Payment will be made on December 28 at a net amount of R$ 0.14544732 per ON share, R$ 0.15692516 per PNA share and R$ 0.14544732 per PNB share.

Cemig’s board of directors has approved the distribution of R$955.3 million in interest on equity, equivalent to R$0.5643 per common share.

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Payment will be made in two installments, by June 30 and December 30, 2022, to existing shareholders on December 21 this year. As of the twenty-second day, the shares will be trading without the right to take dividends.

Banco Itaú (ITUB4) will pay JCP in lieu of a monthly dividend in 2022. The amount will be R$0.015 per share.

simbar (SIMH3)

Simpar (SIMH3) has announced that it has entered into contracts aimed at acquiring 100% of Sagamar, the Saga Group’s dealer network of 12 stores in São Luis, Maranhão, for a value of R$306 million.

It was acquired by Original Holding, a subsidiary of Simpar, which through the business expands its performance and mix of brands in the sale of light vehicles, adding revenue of R$707 million.

be educational (SEER3)

Ser Educacional (SEER3) acquired Plantão Veterinário Hospital for R$10 million, of which R$4 million was paid in cash, on the closing date of the transaction; More than R$1 million paid from fulfillment of certain conditions stipulated in the contract; And another 5 million Brazilian riyals in installments.

This is Ser’s second acquisition in veterinary medicine.

Méliuz (CASH3) has announced its acquisition of Muambator, a company that does online tracking of domestic and international packages and orders, for R$3 million.

Movida (MOVI3) has established its luxury vehicle subsidiary. These are Protocol and Justification for the Merger of Movida Locação de Veículos Premium by Movida Participações, and Protocol and Justification for the Merger of Vox Frotas Locadora by Movida Participações.

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Ferbasa (FESA4) has reported that the regular supply price of high carbon iron chromium (FeCr AC) to the European market, referring to the first quarter of 2022, has been posted at C$180/krona, which is keeping the posted price for the previous quarter.

Fleury signed a non-binding preliminary document to organize the foundations for the creation of a new society in partnership with Albert Einstein Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Hospital.

According to the statement, the main objective is to develop integrated solutions in the field of genomics, conduct research, and develop processes and services to serve consumers interested in conducting preventive health management based on genetic tests (Genesis).

In addition, it is also part of the subject of study and the availability of technology to the health sector of the country.

Florey will own a majority stake and control of Genesis, and its creation furthers the company’s growth acceleration strategy.

The partnership actually grew out of Fleury and Hospital Albert Einstein’s current operations, and with the country’s largest suite of genomics products, with more than 300 tests.

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