June 6, 2023

Americans cannot allocate money in Odebrecht’s redemption

Regardless of whether the claim is ongoing in Brazil or abroad, the claim for the debt balance must be forwarded to the Personal Action Court, which is responsible for determining the presence of sums in the Judicial Restructuring Court.

ReproductionThe U.S. Investment Fund has filed a lawsuit against an American construction company

With this understanding, the Court of Sவோo Paulo 1st Judicial Trade Act rejected the request for a balance in the judicial restructuring of Odebrecht made by the U.S. Investment Fund, which filed a lawsuit in the United States against the construction company Brazilian.

Compensation for pending material damages in New York deals with damages caused by misrepresentations and misrepresentations made by Odebrecht in the issuance of international bonds.

The North American company asked the S சாo Paulo court to recognize the joint responsibility of the construction company for condemning the illegal act committed by the subsidiary. In the first degree, the request to add the loan and as a result the participation in the lender meeting of the companies under restructuring was rejected.

In upholding the decision, the reporter, Judge Alexandre Lassarini, said that although the process had been going on in New York for two years, it was still in a relatively preliminary stage, “so far there are no elements, the amount of compensation and whether it will really happen.”

The magistrate stressed that the attempt to obtain the balance of values ​​only on the basis of the statement of the interested party’s attorney was “ineligible for shelter until the judgment of the individual action is determined”. The result was unanimous.

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