June 26, 2022
AMN and the Navy warn of deteriorating weather

AMN and the Navy warn of deteriorating weather

The On Monday, the National Maritime Authority (AMN) and the Navy warned of deteriorating weather conditions in mainland Portugal, especially due to forecasts of high winds and sea turmoil.

“The forecast for wind and sea conditions indicates a significant deterioration in weather conditions and maritime turbulence in mainland Portugal, between 6:00 pm today, April 18 and 6:00 am on Wednesday, April 20,” he recalls. in the current situation.

The authority indicates that “the sea wave will be characterized by a wave coming from the northwestern quadrant, with a great height that may reach four meters, and a maximum height of seven meters, with an average period of eight to 11 seconds.” In addition, “winds of up to 65 km/h on average and gusts of up to 100 km/h are expected, from the northern quadrant.”

In this way, the US Navy and the Navy “alert the entire maritime community and the population in general about the precautions to be taken, both when preparing for a voyage to sea, and when they are at sea or in coastal areas.”

Among the advice are strengthening ‘anchoring’ and maintaining ‘close observation of moored and drawn vessels’, ‘avoid walking on the sea or in areas subject to sea turbulence, such as harbor protection piers, cliffs or beaches, avoiding being caught by a wave’ and ‘not practicing recreational fishing, especially near cliffs and cliff areas often hit by waves, always bearing in mind that in these conditions the sea can easily reach seemingly safe areas.

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