December 5, 2022
An all-new Boeing 737 Max lands in Brazil for Gol.  It's number 37

An all-new Boeing 737 Max lands in Brazil for Gol. It’s number 37

A new Boeing 737 MAX of the GOL aircraft fleet landed Thursday (22), in Confins, in the Belo Horizonte metropolitan area. With registration PS-GPH (msn 44310), this is the 37th aircraft of the model to be incorporated by the airline. After nationalization and inspection, the aircraft can be integrated into the aviation network.

in update Recently To investors, Gol informed that its plan will end this year with 136 aircraft, with 44 Boeing 737 Max 8 and 92 Boeing 737 NG. Gol also has about ninety firm orders for the Boeing 737 MAX, 66 for the 737-MAX 8 and 25 for the 737-MAX 10.

The arrival of the new 737 Max aircraft allows GOL to speed up the return of older aircraft, while maintaining flexibility to manage its fleet in line with fluctuations in demand for air travel during and after the pandemic.

The company’s fleet plan projected the return of 19 older aircraft throughout 2022. This movement is also happening.

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