June 28, 2022
An American actor raises controversy when drinking breast milk;  Is consumption bad?  - 10/24/2021

An American actor raises controversy when drinking breast milk; Is consumption bad? – 10/24/2021

Actor KJ Apa, who revived the character of Archie Andrews in the series “Riverdale”, He caught the attention of his fans on Instagram by sharing a video of him drinking breast milk. He is the father of Sasha, 1 month old, as a result of his relationship with French model Clara Perry.

In the video posted on his Instagram, the actor is shown opening a bottle and mixing the liquid with his coffee. “My wife is a milk machine and I love her,” he wrote in the caption.

Clara Perry, whom the actor married, commented: “I am happy to feed my family.” Also in the comments, some fans were surprised by the attitude of the actor.

Can adults drink breast milk?

The consumption of breast milk by adults is nothing new: there are reports on the Internet of people, believing in the properties of the liquid, switching from whey protein to it to gain more muscle and improve immunity.

According to Advania Soares, a specialist in clinical and sports nutrition at Estima Nutrição, consuming breast milk does not cause any harm to health. “It actually contains more nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, and can bring health benefits,” he explains. Moreover, it is an important source of casein, which promotes muscle gain.

However, the specialist reinforces it Adult consumption is not recommended.. “Breast milk is made for the consumption of babies, who need this food to grow well and stay protected, because the liquid strengthens the immune system,” he says.

She also points out that milk samples obtained online – a trade prohibited under current Brazilian legislation – could bring more risks than benefits, since the food has a high potential for contamination. “We don’t know its origin or how it was stored,” he explains. It warns that “milk can be contaminated with pathogenic bacteria that cause food poisoning.”

milk banks

With the difficulties in breastfeeding, some women also turn to the Internet in search of breast milk donations to make for their babies. This practice is not recommended by the Ministry of Health, which prohibits so-called “breastfeeding” – when a mother gives her milk to a newborn who is not hers.

The recommendation is that if a woman is unable to breastfeed, she should seek help from a milk bank at a reference hospital. There, she can be instructed on the correct way to breastfeed and stimulate her own milk production, as well as obtain, if necessary, someone else’s breast milk to give to the baby. In this case, the liquid has already undergone a process of selection, classification and pasteurization, and in addition to being properly stored, it is safe to serve to children.