March 26, 2023

An artist transforms Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit into a real flesh-and-blood character

Who set Roger Rabbit'

Photo – Playback / Walt Disney Animation Studios / Touchstone Pictures

Personal Jessica Bunny He first appeared in the movie “who framed roger rabbitreleased by Disney in 1988.

She is Roger Rabbit’s wife and is determined to prove his innocence after he is accused of murder. For this, Jessica gets help from Eddie Valiant.

The character was created by author Gary K. Wolf, and appeared in his book Who Censored Roger Rabbit?.

Steven Spielberg could have used it as inspiration to create the character Red for her, who was introduced in the short “Red Hot Riding Hood”.

Something that shows this most strongly are their similarities: both have great beauty and a powerful voice, which makes the men they cross their path hopeless.

Jessica has starred in many controversies due to her sensuality. Who Framed Roger Rabbit mixes 3D animation and humans.

After Roger Rabbit is falsely accused of a crime, he teams up with a detective to prove his innocence.

the artist Hydroly Diaw He showed, through his editing skills combined with artificial intelligence, what Jessica Rabbit would look like if she were a real person, and the result is truly amazing.