December 2, 2022
An asteroid nearly 20 times the size of Christ the Redeemer is approaching Earth

An asteroid nearly 20 times the size of Christ the Redeemer is approaching Earth

asteroid considered NASA As “potentially dangerous”, a new approach to Earth will be taken on November 1st. The 2022 RM4 giant is about 740 meters long, which is more than 20 times the size of Christ the Redeemer, and will cause massive damage in collision with our planet. Fortunately, that won’t happen.

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The size of the asteroid is approximately 2.3 million . kilometers From Earth, that is more than 5 times the distance between our planet and the Moon. A bargain in terms of astronomical distances, but far enough away to pass safely without the risk of collision.

From the name, you can already tell that the discovery of this asteroid is recent. And indeed, it was found in September by the Pan-STARRS 2 telescope, based in Hawaii. Its path was confirmed by an analysis conducted at the Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona in the United States.

It is estimated that this asteroid the size of Demorphos, the “victim” of the DART mission changed its orbit slightly after colliding with a NASA spacecraft at a historic moment.

Although remote, according to NASA’s classification, this object can be considered dangerous. The agency considers any space object within 193 million kilometers of Earth to be “close” and any fast-moving object within 7.5 million kilometers as a “potential danger.”

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But you might be thinking: If these asteroids are so far away from us, why are they classified as a “potential hazard”? Despite the distance, unexpected changes in the path can occur, such as a collision with another asteroid or the gravitational effect of another planet. This scenario is also seen as highly improbable, but potentially disastrous.

For comparison purposes, the asteroid 2022 NF passed on July 7 at a distance of only 90 thousand kilometers, which is a much smaller distance than the current one, and is still safe. Therefore, without panic, an asteroid will not destroy us today.

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