July 23, 2024

An employee who accuses Capoclo of harassment says it’s an endless pain

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An employee who accuses Capoclo of harassment says it's an endless pain
An employee who accuses Capoclo of harassment says it's an endless pain

Brazilian Football Confederation employee who The ousted president, Rogerio Capoclo, is accused of sexual harassment Today he said that no woman should go through the same cycle. In an interview with Fantástico she said: “It’s an endless pain.”

Strained, I went home crying. The next day I would wake up and think: “It wouldn’t be so bad, I need this job.” I got to work and the situation was worse.”
An employee of the Brazilian Football Confederation reports harassment committed by President Rogerio Capoclo

She recalls one episode: “He started making comments about the director of the Brazilian Football Confederation.” You’ll say so-and-so, you’re his dog. “When I started talking, he barked at me, went to and came back with a bag of dog biscuits and gave it to me.”

The next day, when confronted about the infractions, Capoclo said he no longer commented on the employee’s personal life: “But he also said that I could no longer be friends with anyone, smiled at anyone and that I would have to change the look to dress me. He wanted to have authority. Akbar Ali, not only as a president, but as a man. I was very afraid of him.”

She also reported that she was threatened by Kabuclo and that the president sent a car to see her at her door.

My depression reached a level where I thought, “I’m going to die.” That was killing me.”

After five months away from CBF, the employee returned to work in early September. “Report your stalkers, it’s the only way to break the cycle and protect future victims.” She said she felt “a great joy” to be back at work. “The Brazilian Football Confederation has been my home for more than 9 years.”

In June, Fantástico . was released Excerpts from a conversation between Ruggiero Capoclo and the employee. On the same day, hours ago, the Ethics Committee of football He decided to remove Capoclo from the post.

In the audio recordings made by the victim, Capoclo asks if the employee was “masturbating” and whether she was “split” between two employees.

Ruggiero Capoclo denies everything and repeatedly says that he is being targeted by a coup orchestrated by Marco Polo del Nero, the former president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, who was banned from playing football by FIFA. Ethics Committee football Brasileiro punished Capoclo with 15 months of removal from office for understanding that there had been “improper behaviour”.

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