August 8, 2022
An encounter with Patrícia Poeta is blown up by a recycled scene and trapped Manoel TV News

An encounter with Patrícia Poeta is blown up by a recycled scene and trapped Manoel TV News

Patricia Poeta debuted as meeting attendant on Monday (4). The new phase of the Globo . program He also brought Manuel Soares as a presenter, but without the same importance as a colleague. The scenery is very similar to what was used in studios in Rio de Janeiro: sofas, paintings, screens, even a rug. The station made a kind of “transport” from the neighboring country to recycle old encounter pieces. The audience noticed and criticized.

“The meeting was moved to São Paulo, and it seems that only a small part of the script arrived in time, right. They put a lot of printed canvas, imitation of the walls of the program,” Rafael Assis noted on Twitter. Álvaro Pinheiroti agrees: “Shocked by the paintings behind the audience that look like Styrofoam.”

Reporter Tate Machado, who commented on the chapters of the TV series Pantanal no Encontro, became a joke when she appeared with a life-size figure of Irma (Camila Morgado)—another piece of the Rio de Janeiro scene. “Till she come to Sao Paulo? She even helped ship the script,” quipped netizen Mate Bala.

A speech by Patricia at the opening of the meeting left viewers amazed at the supposed premise of proving that the show was only her own. “This meeting is ours, isn’t it, Patricia?” asked Manuel Soares.

She replied, “That’s it, and I will count on you. Fatima Bernardes, over 10 years, has had wonderful partners, and I will count on you very much, partner.” Netizens noticed that the former anchor of É de Casa treated her colleague as if he had the same attitude that reporters André Curvello and Lair Rennó had when they participated in the meeting with Fátima.

Another moment that caught my attention was when Presented by Ana Maria Braga With a bouquet of roses and a basket of drumsticks. The audience sang a chorus of chants in the name of Patricia. “What an embarrassing situation for Manuel Soares. He’s at the side while Patricia Poeta receives flowers and the audience shouts his name,” Leandro Conceicao lamented on Twitter.

Changes in the morning Globo

From Monday (4), Patricia Boeta and Manuel Soares will take over the meeting. Fatma Bernardes decided to leave the program, and this year she will present The Voice Brasil. Ana Maria Braga will present Mais Você in a new time, after the meeting, and Maria Beltrau will lead É de Casa.

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