September 27, 2022
An ENT specialist from Goiás talks about the critical factors of Justin Bieber's paralysis

An ENT specialist from Goiás talks about the critical factors of Justin Bieber’s paralysis

Last week, Canadian singer Justin Bieber returned to be the subject of the moment on social media, after posting a video showing half of his face paralyzed.

During the recording, the artist explained that he has Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which is the reason for canceling his concert schedule.

Unknown to many until the singer’s pronunciation, complications are more common than you might think.

to me Gate 6Professor and specialist in otolaryngology, Leandro Azevedo, of the Medical Faculty of the Federal University of Goias (UFG), explained how the syndrome works in the body.

Ramsay Hunt is facial paralysis. It is usually associated with ear lesions, but it is a reactivation of a virus in the face.

The syndrome works similarly to a herpes infection, which is caused by the varicella-zoster virus (eg, chickenpox).

According to the specialist, after contamination, a person can incubate the virus for a long time. Until it is reactivated again at a certain moment.

Usually the onset is due to stress or weakened immunity. He pointed out that if a person is infected with this virus latent in the body, it remains dormant for life.

The specialist also revealed that some of the most common symptoms among those diagnosed are: earache, dizziness, and even hearing loss.

“Facial numbness, facial paralysis, scoliosis, vesicles in the ear, earache, and it can happen that some cases are associated with hearing loss and dizziness,” he explained.

However, unlike other infections, Ramsay Hunt is not contagious and can be easily controlled with medical treatments.

“The vast majority of people recover facial movement through treatment, but it can return at some point,” he said.