An evening of signed Giorgia Fumanti

Une soirée signée Giorgia Fumanti

With his long mane of ebony, his eyes the color of sky and its lyrical voice, Giorgia Fumanti could easily give themselves great airs of diva Italian. It does, however, has neither the time nor the taste. The soprano prefers to play the card of the authenticity.

“I don’t want to play the diva. Of course I love the beautiful dresses, the decorations and the magic surrounding the concerts, but in life, I am a mom without makeup ! “says the petite soprano softly, almost whispering.

The one who was called GioAria in its infancy was also required to resume quickly its true name. “After two years, I needed to be myself,” she said.

Such simplicity is amazing, given the international scope of the career of Giorgia Fumanti. The lady sang to the four corners of the world, recorded 11 albums, pushed the note with famous singers — think Pavarotti, Carreras, Zucchero… — and even met pope Francis !

Nothing, however, to get to her head. “I realize all of this. But I know where I am, I know that I’ve been working a lot to get there. And I’m happy to have been able to stay connected to my values, my nature and my music, as I have always had a little fear of losing myself in this community, ” she adds.

The lady, 44-year-old insists on his luck to have a loyal following, his passion true to the song, on the pleasure that singing gives him, but also on the therapeutic power that it has on it…

“I am a spiritual person and I believe everyone comes to Earth with a mission. Me, I want to share my voice. When the call is too strong, it is necessary to listen to it. “

Child introverted, Giorgia Fumanti has been able to deploy his voice and his wings. “When I sing, it changes everything. The public is becoming my friend ! “

Love and other projects

Building on the success of his latest album, Love, Giorgia Fumanti is about to start a new one as soon as the month of may next. She has also published a cake in Mexico recently. Discussions are also in progress for a few shows in Australia.

Nothing to be worried about this citizen of the world, who has left his native Italy to settle permanently in Quebec there are about a dozen years. With two children, she has the quarantine happy, and free. “There has been a lot of traveling these past few years for work. But allow me to choose a little more, unlike at the beginning of my career. “

Aria Classico

The artist is pointing to The Voice of the East this week, a few hours before his first rehearsal with all those who will accompany him on the stage of the Palace de Granby on April 20th for the big show Aria Classico. For the occasion, she will be surrounded by the musicians, the Harmony of Granby — led by chef André Gauthier — and members of the Choir of the Foundation of the CHG.

It promises to deliver “beautiful songs that everyone knows” as O Sole Mio, A little over the top , and the’Ave Maria, interpreted in a popular style classic. “The chief, with whom I’ve worked, has chosen beautiful songs of my repertoire,” she says. And the fact of singing with a choir, it reminds me of the memories, because I started singing in a choir. I feel like family ! “

Aria Classico is the last concert of the series of Major Outputs Desjardins.


When : 20 April to 20 h

Where : Palace de Granby

Tickets : or with singers

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