December 6, 2023

An infallible trick to quickly charge your cell phone; You certainly don’t know that

Namely: It is almost impossible for most people to keep their phone charged for the required amount of time without touching the device. Be that as it may, for work reasons or out of curiosity in conversations on social networks, waiting for them to fully load is a daunting task.

First of all, those who are highly dependent on the device can find various ways to keep their mobile phone always charged. For example: a portable charger is a great option and a lifesaver for anyone who can’t go without a battery. But it’s not everywhere, right? what should be done? Find out how to charge your cell phone faster!

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Charge your phone faster

What you are about to discover now is a surefire way to charge your device faster than usual. In the first place, you will know the difference-making secret that will save you from complicated situations, when being without a mobile phone is not an option.

The first trick is to close all apps while charging your phone. They can use a lot of battery. We are talking about applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter, which consume a lot of energy and significantly slow down the charging process. Yes, you probably already knew this trick, but now comes the cat jump.

In order for your cell phone to charge faster, you just need to leave the device in airplane mode. The reason is that the phone does not stay on WiFi or has no connection. There will be no wave transmission and it will not connect to social networks, send notifications that may affect the fast charging of the device.

In flight mode, you can maximize time and use your cell phone in minutes. This is an excellent indicator. Especially in an emergency.

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How to use cell phone efficiently and save battery

1. Disable features you don’t use often, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data when you don’t need them.

2. First of all, lower the screen brightness or use the battery saver mode.

3. Use headphones or speakers when compared to using a speakerphone to take calls.

4. Close the apps that you are not using. They can continue to work and consume battery without background.

5. Avoid using the phone while charging. This can shorten the battery life.

6. Use a battery management app to help monitor battery usage and identify which apps are consuming the most power.

7. Unnecessary notifications and location settings to save battery.

8. Keep your phone updated with the latest software updates as they may include bug fixes and performance improvements.

9. Use an external battery charger or an extra battery to make sure you always have enough battery power when you need it.

How to use a cell phone efficiently

1. Namely: organize your contacts and apps, making them easier to find and use.

2. Use automation features like setting up automatic replies to messages and setting times to silence your phone.

3. However, use time management apps such as Screen Time to help keep track of the time you spend on the phone.

4. Use productivity apps, such as Google Keep or Evernote, to organize your tasks and notes anyway.

5. However, use the privacy settings to control who can access your information and notifications.

6. Personalize first as notification settings

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Useful tricks for Android users

Did you know that your cell phone can have many interesting functions to help you in your daily life? Check out some below!

Find your cell phone easily

You can easily find your cell phone when it goes missing: just go to the Google Find My Device website and sign in with the same account you use on your cell phone. At this point, you can see where your device is on the map and even ask you to make a loud beep to make it easier to find you.

Watch videos on YouTube and lock screen

To do this, open the Google Chrome browser on your mobile phone and click on the “Desktop View” option. Then, just access YouTube and listen to your music normally, because it won’t stop when your phone is locked. It should be noted that it is important to turn off app notifications for the feature to work.

Leave a message on the already locked screen

If you lose your cell phone, know that you can leave a message on the locked screen telling the person you found who they should contact, for example, to return it or provide a cell phone or contact email. To do this, follow this path: Settings > Display > Lock screen > Type the message you want and save it.

Find out song names with Google Assistant

Finally, if you’re having trouble finding the name or artist singing a particular song, Google Assistant can help. To do this, call the command “Ok Google” and ask “What is this song?” Refers to the sound you hear. You can also sing a snippet of the song (it doesn’t have to be exactly the same) to find it in searches.