July 14, 2024

An Iranian fan was killed after celebrating America’s victory over Iran

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An Iranian fan was killed after celebrating America's victory over Iran
An Iranian fan was killed after celebrating America's victory over Iran

According to human rights groups, the young man died of a gunshot wound to the head, which was deliberately targeted by the security forces.

Andre Ricardo / Ag. FRAMEWORK/SPP via REUTERSIran fans at the World CupThe USA won 1-0 and advanced to the World Cup round of 16

An Iranian man was shot dead by security forces after his country celebrated the cancellation of its membership in Baghdad Qatar World Cup 2022according to information from human rights groups released Wednesday, 30. Will He lost to the United States in the match that took place on the night of Tuesday the 29th, which provoked mixed reactions from supporters and critics of the Iranian regime. Human rights groups reported that Mehran Samak, 27, was killed after his car horn sounded in Bandar Anzali, a town on the Caspian Sea coast northwest of Tehran. Samak was “a deliberate target. Security forces shot him in the head (…) after the national team’s defeat by the United States,” the Norway-based Iranian Human Rights Group (IHR) denounced. The Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI), based in New York reported that Samak was killed by security forces for celebrating defeat.The charity released a video of his burial in Tehran, Wednesday, in which he chanted “Death to the dictator!” Three days after her arrest, she was accused of violating the country’s dress code, which obliges women to wear the veil in public.

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