September 26, 2022
An old man from Rio speaks in a language that only Friday hears and gives the order of war.  TV news

An old man from Rio speaks in a language that only Friday hears and gives the order of war. TV news

taper Friday (Alanis Guillen) will become a war scenario in wet land. Pregnant, the young woman will turn into a jaguar for kill Solano (Rafa Sieg) and you get help from Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado), who will speak in a language only her will hear. Hire a gunslinger Tenorio (Murilo Benicio) will be Trapped, decapitated and torn apart by a Jaguar woman after receiving an order from the entity: “Fight like warrior what or what You are that it”.

On the verge of giving birth, Juma decides to return to Tefira to give birth to her daughter there – not knowing that Solano is hiding in her home. Upon arrival , You will face the killer, Who will show signs of insanity after spending solitary months in the hut.

The two will confront, and Solano will threaten to kill Juma and her daughter. He will close the door and windows of the tapira, which will be pitch black. A faint light will escape through the cracks as the weak silhouette of the old man emerges from the river.

Fight, Friday… on one I can an act nothing for You are. no one can… You are need to fight. It must an act This alone. How did Maria Mara do it? [Juliana Paes]’, he will say, which will produce a sound, as if it were a bang.

He will continue: “Wake up, Friday… Get up like Maroua! Fight like a warrior what or what You are yes! The old man would ring louder and louder, and more earnestly, as if trying to summon the spirit of Juma to wake him up.

Despite his introduction, Juma will still be attentive to everything, waiting for Solano to make the first move. He will hear screams from afar and remain vigilant. Joffe’s wife (Jesuite Barbosa) will feel the bandit’s bravery shaken: “The time has come. Jaguar! he is What is the price they go out to the hunt. for Defense your area! they come What is the price Feel Shiro Of fear! “

He will swallow dry, terrified. Solano will run around the Tapera to check that the doors and windows are locked properly, desperate and reckless. Meanwhile, Velho do Rio would snarl at the top of his lungs, ecstatic over him, surrounding the tapira in a shamanic kind of dance, aware of the atmosphere of terror it creates inside.

The beating outside will stop suddenly. Solano’s terror will end until he returns to the room and realizes that Juma is no longer there. Silence will begin with heaviness and terror. The thief would sweep up with the barrel of a gun, terrified, not noticing a jaguar growing on his back.

“and I know that You are over here. you are in have as You are He left. you are in to where run away! ‘, he will say, which will be interrupted by the animal’s roar. Next, Solano will encounter a jaguar at Fri’s place, which means it has turned into an animal. Outside, the old man from Rio interrupted by the roar of Marua will hear the cries of despair and terror unleashed by the thieves.

The next day, Moda (Bella Campos) will land there behind her friend, and Tiberio (Ghetto) will drag the boat into the sand. When the couple goes to Tapera, Juma is shown dragging Solano’s body wrapped in clothes into the river. You will pant and all dirty from the day before. “Your picture is shocking, but it can’t be disgusting or disgusting.Author Bruno Luberi wrote the script.

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