An opponent to the scope of the Maroons

Un adversaire à la portée des Maroons

The Maroons of Waterloo will begin in the new year with a duel that they cannot afford to escape then they will receive the visit of the Metal Perreault of Donnacona, Saturday evening, at the arena Jacques-Chagnon.

Metal Perreault (3-12-0) drags in effect at the 10th and last place in the League of senior hockey AAA du Québec (LHSAAAQ). Worse still, the formation of the region of Quebec suffered a defeat in these last five games.

“It is a match he will have to be ready to win because the ranking is really very tight and we had some bad games lately. We must get back on the right track. He remains just six games before the series then it’s going to take a good performance Saturday in the face of Donnacona, a team that has beaten in the beginning of the year, ” noted the coach and gm of the Maroons, Miguel Fortin.

On paper, any advantage Waterloo (7-7-2), who currently sits on the 7th circuit. Donnacona only won a victory in seven games on the road this season and will be in his second game in two nights Saturday.

Metal Perreault is also the team that gives away the most goals (110, in only 15 parties), but also the one that marks the least (53) since the beginning of the campaign. But now, this had not prevented them from signing a gain of 7-5 at the expense of the Maroons in November, during the final duel between the two clubs.

“It will have to be wary, recognized Fortin. This is a team that is very robust then it is sure that of time, it can influence the game. He will have to play our best hockey, just like the rest of the season in order to be truly ready for the series. “

Fortin is expected to be a physical match, and the Maroons have already shown their colors in the revealing on their page Facebook the vindicator Jason Desmarais, a pugilist gains of the Formula-Fitness of Bécancour, and Christopher Saurette will be in uniform Saturday night.

“It has added a little toughness to our team, which is not bad at the dawn of the series. It promises to be an intense game, the discipline will be important. This will also be the case in the series and it’s going to take to get ready for that tomorrow [Saturday] against Donnacona, ” noted Fortin.

The Maroons will need to avoid falling into the trap of the Metal Perreault who risk all to try to keep them away from their game plan, but Waterloo seems quite comfortable with the game to be robust as evidenced by his 77 fights only… 16 meetings, a summit in the LHSAAAQ.

For the rest of the alignment, Charles Power, as well as Jason’s Crack, and always injured, and Maxime Roy (unavailable) will be the main absentees in the camp waterlois. Vincent Gervais (6-4-0) will be office in front of the net of the Maroons for this duel, which will start at 19: 30.

Objective : the top 4

After recovering from their poor start to the season, the Maroons have improperly ended the year 2018, undergoing three losses in their last four parties.

A poor sequence that brought down the team in the standings, but according to their head coach, the goal of finishing in the top 4 in order to benefit from the advantage of the ice in the second round of the playoffs is still accessible.

“It is something that is always at our fingertips, but it is sure that we will have to align multiple wins if we want to succeed to finish in the top 4. You face a lot of teams that are ahead of us by the end of the year, so anything is possible, but it is certain that he will have to perform better “, admitted Fenton.

The Maroons face each other, in fact, twice the Sport of Joliette (4th), and the air Conditioning Cloutier of Cap-de-la-Madeleine (ranked 3rd) in addition to playing time against the Wolves of La Tuque (1) by the end of the regular schedule.

This is a great opportunity to win some positions, but also a double-edged knife if wins do not follow. “It’s going to be a sequence of material “, summary Fortin.

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