June 26, 2022
Ana Maria Braga shows her regret with the new Loro Jose and reveals the embarrassment

Ana Maria Braga shows her regret with the new Loro Jose and reveals the embarrassment

According to writer Alessandro Lo Bianco,Anna Maria Braga It wouldn’t be too comfortable with the new Louro José. The presenter would have been very emotional with Laurenho and still embarrassed about the mascot. See more here at The Prime Minister’s Diaries.

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During a conversation on Sônia Abrão, the columnist revealed that even after participating in the creation of the doll, Ana Maria Braga felt very emotional, because she would have remembered Tom Vega, who passed away in 2020. “The moment Laureno arrived, she had a reaction that came from the script, it was very emotional.”

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In addition, the resemblance to the parrots was very moved by the emotions of the announcer, who had been her companion Tom Veiga for almost 20 years. Therefore, the columnist said that the presenter will regret To have a new scene partner.

“I embraced the project, but now, with coexistence, I found it strange. She commented that it would be very difficult, that Tom was irreplaceable and that she was embarrassed,” he says.

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Ana Maria Braga talks about the new Loro Jose

Following the appearance of the new Louro José, Ana Maria Braga revealed that she is very happy to share the mascot that was created to be Louro José’s son. Plus, she made the parrot do a DNA test. To prove kinship.

And this photo that proves that this parrot is Brazilian and never gives up! Doesn’t he already get a delivery at the concierge da @ tvgloboe and already have a visitor badge? We will try to understand this story better in the coming days. # MaisVocê,” he wrote.

DNA testing is done! What will be the result of this exam, huh? Is the parrot really the son of Loro Jose?

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