June 26, 2022
Ana Paola Reno expelled and leaving 'gossip'

Ana Paola Reno expelled and leaving ‘gossip’

Fore-and-forwardBBB 16 Anna Paula Reno of SBT was launched. This information was confirmed by station Silvio Santos in a statement sent to Splash, saying that the decision not to renew the contract “was in a mutual agreement.”

The journalist was part of the “Fofocalizador” program and has already worked for a year and a half.

SBT reported that there was no confusion or any fight between Anna Paula Reno backstage at the station, it was reported. The channel also did not say whether it would be replaced by another name in “Gossip”.

The journalist says farewell to the station after a year and a half of a joint track that was characterized by a great partnership of respect and success between the two parties. SBT also states that the information published by some Locations, that Anna Paula would have provoked a Series Confusion behind the scenes of the announcer. The channel reiterates that the presenter’s relationship with the commercial department, the makeup and fashion teams, and with her colleagues in the theater has always been excellent. SBT . Press Office

Prior to the official announcement, SBT did not want to confirm the presenter’s resignation. The station claimed that it could not comment on its “internal affairs”.

The statement also said that “multi-talented professional” Anna Paola “has decided to pursue other career paths from this date, but leaves the doors open for a return to the channel in the future.”

Yesterday, Anna Paula Reno posted videos on Instagram showing the scenes of the entertainment program. She was next to Fleur and Chris Flores and directly participated in the interview with singer Yves Fenny, from the song “Curacao Cachoro”.

The presenter’s Instagram profile still maintains her participation in the show and broadcast time.

The program page did not comment on the departure of Anna Paola.