December 9, 2022
Analysis: Atlético-MG has a high in the second half, Coca 'moves candy' and earns peace for new chapters |  Athlete - mg

Analysis: Atlético-MG has a high in the second half, Coca ‘moves candy’ and earns peace for new chapters | Athlete – mg

A few days ago, football manager Atletico MGVictor Bage said something interesting: in other words, he said that players often want to win not to enjoy themselves, but to gain peace in their everyday lives, both professionally and personally. It feels like Gallo came home after beating Fluminense in Minerao, on Saturday afternoon.

The best moments of Atlético-MG 2 x 0 Fluminense in the 29th round of the Brazilian Championship

Of course, Atletico’s position in the Brazilian will only change to a steady attack on the G4 Libertadores if there is a string of victories. The next challenge is against Santos, far from home, where Gallo usually suffers. But overcoming vice captain flu brings lessons for Atletico to keep up their second-half performance, for example.

Against a team well trained by Fernando Diniz, who has the ball and mechanical passes, Gallo endured a few minutes “on the ropes” in the first stage. The start to the match was encouraging, and there was a more tense moment, until Hulk hit the net on a quick counterattack. Something that hasn’t been seen on the team for a while.

Hulk celebrates one of the two goals against Fluminense – Photo: Pedro Souza/CAM

Otávio robbed, Zaracho read Felipe Melo’s positioning error and served Hulk to a cold finish. The striker on another day was top-ranking. He moved, found space in the heavy defense against flu, and was an option for passes in the center zone and in the flanks. In the second half, Gallo had a chance to build a flexible score.

Hulk did it again, in a penalty that caused Manoel to be sent off (via VAR). And Atletico knew how to run the match. Fluminens practically did not hit Iverson’s goal in the final stage. Obviously, not everything is rosy. Ademir, for example, missed a goal in the face. Backers Robbins and Mariano were sacked for physical reasons. Mariano’s performance was worse than Goga’s reserve team.

But the match against Flo, in addition to returning Hulk’s goals to the team, was still a resumption of good football for Zaracho, as he was the third man in midfield, and more in that regard. Atlético still needs to improve, for example, in the back line intersections, or find more effective alternatives to this type of play, because Hulk (in his stature) has never been a header on the fifth floor.

Atlético defeated the good team and its deputy captain Fluminense, mainly at home. Zika is out. Some new factors were used, whether for obscurity or not: concentration before the match, heating up of the players in the dressing room before the match, Gallo started the match by attacking the Pampulha Lake goal. Concretely, traces of changes in parts of the title, such as Otávio’s participation in Containment, the duo of Jemerson and Alonso.

"Vitoria restores normality to Gallo, wins in Mineirao"Carol celebrates |  crowd sound

Carol celebrates “Vitoria brings Gallo back to normal, wins Mineirao” The Voice of the Crowd

Coca “stirs and stirs candy.” It didn’t work out against Bragantino, Avai and Palmeiras. But the victory came. The coach said that the rooster still owed the Brazilian. This is correct. But she at least showed signs of a change in behavior in the match.

In the ideal scenario to turn the final stage of 2022 into a useful period and a source of pride for the fans, the task remains thorny: win six of the last nine rounds, add another 18/19 points and reach 62, able to give. Good predictions from G-4, direct classification region to Libertadores groups stage.

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Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program – Photo: Disclosure