June 29, 2022
Analysis: Atlético-MG overcomes wear and tear, breaks taboo and shows strength in Libertadores debut |  Athlete - mg

Analysis: Atlético-MG overcomes wear and tear, breaks taboo and shows strength in Libertadores debut | Athlete – mg

Tolima has never lost to a Brazilian player on Colombian soil. In the Libertadores, he did not concede any goals in home duels against teams from the country. MORE: He was never defeated in competition for the first time. So in one night, All taboos are goneexcept for one: someone who for nearly three years had not known what it meant to be defeated at the continent’s most important tournament.

Wednesday 2-0Oh Atletico MG He achieved much more than just a victory. He has overcome the wear and tear of an almost endless journey and the fears of a tough match (against the strongest opponent of the group). Evidence of the strength of who, without a doubt, is leaping as one of the greatest favorites to win the title.

Gallo’s performance was not flawless in Ibagi. In fact, it would be unfair to charge her. Against a qualified and satisfied opponent (the holders have not played for 11 days), Atlético had to contend with wear and tear in a nearly 12-hour journey between the bus and plane divisions, just days after lifting the Minas Gerais Cup against the biggest of them all. competition.

Atletico players celebrate a goal against Tolima – Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atletico MG

Wear, including, made the Turkish coach Mehmet have to send a team to the field with some injuries: midfielder Zaracho, for example, did not travel (River, the defending champion in recent matches, also remained in Belo Horizonte). Keanu remained on the bench, also for the physical factor. The decision to set up an offensive was ending with Dylan Borero and Savarino.

Borero ended up with a shy start, and was one of the least effective players on the field. Savarino played a crucial role in Alvenegra’s victory at Ibague. The Venezuelan played a conservative first half, but was responsible for promoting the unusual: taking a beautiful back pass by the hat and “killing” the Tolima defense. Facing the goal, Nacho touched the goalkeeper’s exit and went out for a hug: 1 to 0.

The Argentine finished the match as the best on the pitch, but could have been more decisive. Shortly after opening the scoring, he counterattacked three on two for Atlético. He had Dylan free on one side, and Hulk in good shape on the other, but he preferred to carry the ball and finish playing on his own. Easy save by goalkeeper Dominguéz.

On the balance sheet, it ended up being a missed opportunity, but that’s thanks to Iverson. Within 10 minutes of the second half, when Gallo found himself trapped in the increasingly offensive (and dangerous) Tolima standoff, the goalkeeper performed a miracle in Hernandez’s Trevilla shot, which was aimed at the stairs.

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In the face of Colombian pressure, Turco made two changes. He painted Dylan and Savarino for Ademir and Chi Chi Field. The entry of the striker, who was said to be a key player, was evident. The person at the wheel was stunned. They both work.

With ‘Fmacinha’, Galo is faster on counterattacks. With Qi Qi, he began to gain more control over the middle. On the field for more than 30 minutes for the first time since February (Athletic), the midfielder was still awarded the goal that sealed Atletico’s victory.

Ademir’s corner kick headed by Junior Alonso (who made the first match as a starting player after his return to Atletico and went well) and a valuable deflection for Chi Chi on the second post: 2 to 0 Gallo. Gallo’s first three points in the 2022 Libertadores Cup.

Chih-Chi scored Gallo’s second goal against Tolima – Photo: CONMEBOL

As we have already indicated here, it was not a resounding victory. The team continues to struggle too much with some shots, has moments of outage while creating plays, and sometimes makes fouls on exits that can prove fatal later on. Modifications that Muhammad will make over time. Nothing too worrying at the moment.

At the start of the march towards the only trophy left all the way in the historic 2021, Atlético is taking its first steps in a solid and powerful way. The victory over the most formidable contender of the group (which still has Independiente del Valle and America MG), land and the most complex logistics in the class. Now it is kept.

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