February 1, 2023
Analysis: Atlético-MG plays to score, shows tactical card and matures into Mineiro final |  Athlete - mg

Analysis: Atlético-MG plays to score, shows tactical card and matures into Mineiro final | Athlete – mg

a Atletico MG The task everyone has anticipated for the first half of 2022 will determine the Campeonato Mineiro, in search of a rare third championship, against Cruzeiro, on Saturday. Two strong goals against Caldense, in the semi-finals. Another win without conceding a goal, with a ratio of 3 to 0, with ample field on the field.

And coach Antonio Mohamed had a list of nine players out of the game, either for selections, injuries or suspensions (the structure). It did not affect the field work at all. From the first minute, Gallo was the owner of the match, and he followed it to the end in search of the fourth goal. Defeat did not come out because goalkeeper Renan Rinaldi, from Caldense, shone.

The starting lineup provided the most attacking force available. Nacho, Zaracho, Kino and Eduardo Sacha, the natural alternative to Hulk. On the bench, Ademir, the author of the third goal, showed he can interfere with Turco’s pre-built core lineup.

Alan and Keno celebrate Atletico’s goal against Caldens – Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atletico MG

Gallo beat Caldense 5-0 on aggregate. On the way to the final, only 5 goals were conceded. The club has scored since Mineiro adopted the current format (2004).

Many players took advantage of the match to gain confidence and shine in front of nearly 30,000 fans. The main factor is keno. The left winger scored a beautiful goal in his usual run. He honored the son to be born and frustrated in this season.

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Also starring in the play is Matías Zaracho, who has missed the main matches of 2022 so far (Supercopa, Classics against America and Cruzeiro) due to a thigh injury. Without the ball, no less important than the foot.

From a tactical standpoint, Turco Mehmet is putting his spices in Atlético. In the first analysis of the match, it was a classic 4-2-3-1 match, with Zaracho and Kino opening, and Nacho behind Sasha. But the Argentine shirt 26 fell to the right, returned to the defensive midfield, and became the second striker. Another hero.

“Renan prevented historic defeat at Mineirao,” Carroll comments | crowd sound

The 3-0 win still serves midfielder Robbins to prove his talent at Mineiro, with a nice run for Ademir. In both games the player played improvised on the side. He got a lot of points for his courage and willingness. On the other hand, Mariano, who was injured in the last Gallo x Cruzeiro match, entered the first half already thinking about the final against Raposa.

Atletico will return as key players next Saturday, in Mineiro, as they decide the final of their 16th consecutive Mineiro tournament, in search of three consecutive titles, something that hasn’t happened since 1984. It’s time to make (more) history.

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