March 29, 2023

Analysis: Cruzeiro Fulfills Its Mission, Turns On The Dryer And Grows The Last Part Of Campionato Mineiro | Sea trip

a Sea trip He did what he had to do in the last part of the Campeonato Mineiro. After an erratic start to the season, winning just five matches, the team made amends with two consecutive victories and moved into the final stages of the qualifying stage amid the need to secure a place in the semi-finals.

Caldense 1 x 2 Cruise | best moments | Minas Gerais Championship 2023

However, until Monday night, it will be necessary to run the dryer against the Group C opponents. Now the leader with 11 points, Sea trip Cheers for the handicap against second-place finisher Democracy GV (nine points), who visits Patrosinense, Saturday, 6 p.m. (Brasilia time).

“Daniel Jr., I never criticized you,” Fernanda joked after Cruzeiro’s win at Mineiro

He still supports third-placed Thompense with eight points, who host Vila Nova. In the case of Team Tombos, it may achieve a victory, but no defeat, resulting in a victory Sea trip It is surpassed by goal difference.

If the best case scenario happens, then Sea trip He will arrive in one of the best possible conditions in the final round, depending only on you to get to the semifinals and first place. Income increase and in terms of the results that came at the critical time of the first stage.

Bruno Rodriguez celebrates with his teammates Cruzeiro x Caldense – Photo: Staff Photos/Cruzero

“He came at the right time, because if it takes another match without him, we won’t reach the semi-finals anymore. There is a game missing, and the most important thing is whether he gives us a place or not,” – agreed Paolo Pizzolano, at a press conference.

Against Caldense, Al-Nassr was built with a superior first-half performance. Even if the Poços team faces moments of danger, the Sea trip He dominated the midfield and had more chances to turn the score into defeat.

In the second half, there was a drop in the pace of play, which created a moment of fear, after Caldense’s goal and a pressure test from the home team. However, Suéliton’s eviction made good for the moment he lived Sea tripwho, together with another player, managed to keep score and arrive in much better conditions than expected three or four rounds ago.

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