September 25, 2022
Analysis: Fluminense "overcomes" elimination and maintains final dominance on the Fla-Flus scoreboard |  fluminence

Analysis: Fluminense “overcomes” elimination and maintains final dominance on the Fla-Flus scoreboard | fluminence

The stage does not matter. Regardless of timing, financial status or even recent frustrations. Fla-Flu will always be a classic model in which all these factors are ruled out. Proof of this was reflected in 2-1 last Sunday, where he was Fluminense They beat favorite Flamengo, in a match valid for the 27th round of the Brazilian championship, less than three days after being eliminated in the Copa do Brasil by Corinthians.

Celebrating the Fluminense after the victory at Fla-Flu – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

a Fluminense Who entered the stadium without the massive support of the fans – still upset by the defeat to Corinthians – was balanced and consistent to achieve a fifth win in Fla-Flus’ last seven games (in the other two games in a row, Flo drew the match who was the hero of Rio de Janeiro, in the other he was defeated crushing his opponent).

Unlike other victories in Fla-Flus, Fluminense He left the field with a completely defensive performance, this time, the team knew how to suffer when necessary, but also attack when necessary to beat the opponent in a very crowded game.

The best moments of Flamengo 1 x 2 Fluminense in the 27th round of the Brazilian Championship

From the start, the team led by Fernando Dinez could not use the traditional game of imposition. But, especially in the first half, it was tighter than in the match against Corinthians. He remained loyal to the system of short touches even during the times when the Flamengo pressed the ball out.

Fabio celebrates Fluminense’s victory over Flamengo – Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

Fábio, who came under much criticism for failing to score the first goal at the Neo Química Arena, went to the end of the first half as the highlight of the match, making three great saves that could have provided a flexible score for Flamengo.

Returning to the team after being suspended in the Copa del Rey match, it was Andre who paved the way for the first tricolor goal. In a move with great tactical vision, he managed to break through the red and black defense with a throw to Mateus Martins, which culminated in a penalty kick received by Kano. With his usual chill, Gansu took the lead and opened the scoring.

Andre had a great performance at Fla-Flu – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

In the second stage, with Flamengo under pressure for the score, Fabio kept working and was once again important with tough defences. In pursuit of escaping the muffled opponent, the Fluminense Keep insisting on short touches to get out to play and try to find places.

To give the midfield more resources, Deniz pulled Mateus Martins, who wasn’t coming off a great performance, at the age of 20 minutes after the change, Gansu had a moment of experience to take a quick free kick and look for Kano.

The Argentine fought for the ball and presented it to Martinelli, who did not reach the goal, but was able to rise again in the area. Freely test Nathan and expand the score to Fluminense. The move was a redemption for Martinelli, who has been so far wrong, and made Deniz’s star shine with the subtle change.

30 minutes into the second half - Nathan's goal from Fluminense against Flamengo

30 minutes into the second half – Nathan’s goal from Fluminense against Flamengo

However, when it looked like a file Fluminense Everton Ribeiro will go to a quiet classic finish, crossing the ball from the right side at the second post. Fábio tried to get out of the punch, but didn’t arrive. Everton Cibulinha took advantage of the failure and hit the middle. Samuel Xavier, who ended up not covering the pitch, did not cut off Gabigol’s shot, which tapped.

In the final stage, with a positive result, it was Fluminense A draw in the match, which saw two sending-offs each after much confusion: Manuel and Caio Paulista for the tricolor side. Chives and marino on the red and black side.

Watch the full play that spawned four expulsions in Fla x Flu

Watch the full play that spawned four expulsions in Fla x Flu

The final whistle brought relief to the three colors which were not as many as they were until the Corinthians elimination, but they supported the team a lot in front of the stadium full of red and black.

“today is Fluminense Show that there are players who honor the shirt a lot and I ask the fans to return to the field. Just like against Cuiaba, we had 50,000 people and today we have an audience that can be here to support it. greatest asset Fluminense It’s the fan. We do everything, everything, everything we can do to make Fluminense Win matches and cheer up the fans,” Fernando Diniz at the press conference.

Flamingo numbers 1 x 2 Fluminense

  • Ball possession: 50% x 50%
  • Finishing: 16 x 12
  • Angles: 6 x 2
  • Fouls committed: 12 x 10
  • Obstacles: 4 x 0
  • Scrolling accuracy: 84% x 87%
  • Disarm: 30 x 12
  • Dribbling: 10 x 16
  • Difficult saves: 0x4

Victory in the classics certainly does not erase the pain of the tricolor falling in the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey and not progressing to play in the finals against Flamengo.

But 2 to 1 in Fla-Flu, which removes the contender from the title fight in Brazil, raises Fluminense To the level of being one of the few capable of not allowing Commander Palmeras to have an easy life in the final stage.

“The elimination itself is very difficult and the score 3-0 is tough. With a special goal on top of that, from a man who works every day for the passion he has in football. It was a very difficult day. But the team responded well, Deniz”

"Fluminense was superior"As Gabriel Amaral says |  crowd sound

“Fluminense was superior,” says Gabriel Amaral | crowd sound

With the victory, the Fluminense He rises twice and temporarily takes the position of deputy leadership, with 48 points – team 9 from first place. However, the flu can still be beaten by Internacional, who plays on Monday with Atlético Go.

“We don’t have to think too much about Palmeiras. Fluminense He must make his own. You have to try to be as devoted as you were in the game (Flamingo), if you give up we will reap good results in the future, Deniz.”

a Fluminense He returns to the field only on September 28, on Wednesday, when he receives Juventud, at 19:00 (Brasilia time), for the 28th round of the Brazilian championship. There will be a FIFA date this week, so there is a huge gap between Fla-Flu and the next match.

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