March 29, 2023

Analysis: Fluminense’s comeback crowns Diniz, who knew how to understand the game, to win the Guanabara Cup | Fluminense

Guanabara Cup Conquest by Fluminense At the head of Flamengo is a special text by Fernando Diniz and Gabriel Pirani. The first, who carried the burden of not winning cups, knew how to adapt to the match and make the necessary changes to achieve a 2-1 comeback against the club’s biggest rival. The second, “forgotten” in Santos, snatched the coach’s chances of being the champion of victory – the team’s eighth in the last 12 matches in Fla-Flus.

Flamengo 1 x 2 Fluminense – goals – Round 11 of the 2023 Carioca Championship

In a turbulent first half, Flamengo used a new formation and were superior in their ability to crowd the midfield. Vitor Pereira’s team prevented the traditional exchange of passes from Fluminense and isolate the ends. Without the usual momentum and participation of Arias, the tricolor engine, and with Keno not fitting into the context of the match, Fernando Diniz’s team found itself eliminated.

Diniz lifts the Guanabara Trophy with Nino, Felipe Melo and Matheus Ferraz – Photo: Melson Santana/Fluminense FC

With no solutions to break the five red-black flag streak, the Fluminense He was ineffective in the final third of the field. With the opposition looting more and more actively on the pitch, Cipolineha’s Everton had the difference in the first 45 minutes. He made a great individual move on Samuel Xavier and Nino to open the scoring.

In the second half, with the team needing two goals to preserve the Guanabara Cup, Fernando Diniz recognized the need to fill in the middle and was brave. Once again, he used Andre’s pullback strategy, drawing a defender. Only this time he also broke up the offensive trio. With Lima replacing Kino and Gabriel Pirani replacing David Prause, the coach paved the way for victory.

Kano na reprimand in Flamengo x Fluminense – Photo: André Durão

– There are different games. Today is what the game demands. The Bangu Keno match was very good, Arias played almost nothing in the middle, he was practically open. Today Pirani has done better, but we don’t have a single way to play. We didn’t know how Flamengo would behave and what the dynamics of the game would be. I could even correct it without moving it, but I thought with the changes I’d have a better chance of changing the game – Diniz at a press conference.

Newly signed Gabriel Pirani, receiving Martinelli on the left and playing for Arias. The Colombian had the opportunity to shoot in the area, but he looked for his faithful companion Cano, who did not miss him: the Argentine reached the fifth goal with a six on Fla-Flus – and this was also the striker’s tenth goal in the last five games of 2023.

With the team more balanced with improvement in midfield and working closer to goal, Pirani’s star shone. With Santos no chances, the player was punted by Diniz and responded quickly. He took advantage not only of the confidence deposited by the coach, but also of the ball that Kanu kicked in the area to turn the game around and give victory to the ball. Fluminense in the final stage.

Fluminense lift the Guanabara Trophy at the Maracana – Photo: Andre Durao

The Guanabara Cup is symbolic, it crowns the feat of Fernando Diniz and comes with a potential turnaround in the career of the coach, who finally – and deservedly – raises a trophy to a great club.

Obviously, fans of the tricolor and the captain himself dream of much more. But if it was necessary to take the first step to the great conquests, then Fluminense The journey starts well, lifting the trophy against the biggest rival in a season that has everything to win.

Gabriel Pirani celebrates a goal for Fluminense – Photo: Andre Durao

“I hope titles are always the result of a job well done, by many hands. Fluminense There is a very large disparity in terms of revenue compared to our competitors and other competitors but with a lot of work we have succeeded in overcoming this defect. We know the season has just begun, the Campeonato Carioca finishes the first half and starts again with a very difficult game, maybe on Sunday”, Deniz

As a result, the Fluminense He gained a two-score advantage in the semi-finals of the Carioca tournament, by finishing first in the Guanabara Cup. The tricolor is now waiting to be determined to face the next stage. With no time to enjoy the festivities, the team returns to training on Thursday at CT Carlos Castillo.

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