December 6, 2023
Analyzes differences in sports practice in the Brazilian United States and Brazil

Analyzes differences in sports practice in the Brazilian United States and Brazil

Brazilians are generally considered to be the most physically active people in the world, with an interest in sports. Americans, on the other hand, are not always seen as active people, due to their fast food culture, although they always stand alone at the Olympics and other competitions. Despite this stereotype, the reality is different, according to a businessman from Rio de Janeiro who lives in the United States.

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João Souza, an expert on real estate investments in the United States, notes that Americans are more interested in sports training than Brazilians. According to an entrepreneur living in Orlando, Florida, outdoor physical activity is common there.

“Americans are more focused or more focused on fitness than Brazilians. But what I see more here in the United States is outdoor training, like in Brazil a few decades ago, like cycling or running outside. The American finds the body part needed to regain energy and balance the body and mind.” He pointed out.

“Many Brazilians imagine that Americans eat and sit badly, but the reality here is completely different. In fact, they invest heavily in children, encouraging them to practice sports from school and participate in international competitions,” he added.

Before moving to the United States, Joao had a prominent career in the logistics and freight industry in Brazil. At age 34, the young entrepreneur is trying to adapt to American culture in the practice of physical activity.

“I have to walk down the street every day as Americans traditionally do. Most sidewalks have a specific place for bikes or running and walking. So, this route makes it easier to exercise. I lose weight. I focus on training at the gym three times a week and outdoor work on other days,” he said. .

Breaking the stereotype that Americans are not very good at physical activity, Jono also demonstrates the sympathy of these people – something most people in Brazil do not know.

“A nice feature of Americans is that they greet each other during runs and walks. I see many people walking in the afternoon with their pet dogs. Another interest is that they run at night, but here it is. There is no danger to complete peace and security,” he concluded.