December 9, 2022
And found in the countryside Barbara, Pele, Petala and Finney.  Poll · TV news

And found in the countryside Barbara, Pele, Petala and Finney. Poll · TV news

Barbara Borges, Pele Melfloz, Petala Barreros and Vinicius Patel finished sixth farm 14. The Rocheros were determined on Tuesday night (25th). Who would you like to stay in the reality show on Record? Vote in the poll the news in this text.

Shooting experience winnerKerline Cardoso was summoned by Adriane Galisteu to reveal the powers of the lamp. She had to choose between the green and black wraps and chose the second option. After that, she handed the other over to Petala Barrios.

Before starting to form the hot seat, the presenter gave an order to the former BBB to open the black parchment. Kerlin read: “You are immune to a farm today.”

Lucas Santos then submitted his nomination as Farmer of the Week. The actor chose Barbara Borges and blew up his rival. “I understand that when the fault comes from our group, she attends the victim podcast, and when it comes from her group’s side, I don’t see any situation,” the big character explained.

“Actually, I am waiting at any moment for them to come to me. I have become a target for my positioning, it is nothing new. Whenever they have the pointer, I am already waiting to be the target. I have the positioning company, I do not have the position of the victim ”, the actress replied.

Headquarters vote

Deborah and Vinicius were targets of the headquarters vote. The former spouses received six votes, while the former spouses received seven. After being attacked, Deolane’s ally Bezerra sat on the second seat in the hot seat.

Galisteus then asked Petal to reveal the power of the Green Scroll. “You are the third russero today, if you are already in the countryside, choose the third rossero from among the bays or headquarters,” the influencer declared.

For the rest, Pele was unlucky and sat on the fourth seat in the hot seat. The musician had the task of vetoing an opponent of The Farmer’s Proof on Thursday (26) and was targeting Vini.


Who would you like to stay at A Fazenda 14 on 6 Roça?

Who voted for whom?

See below who voted for whom in the Roca formation:

  • Andre Marinho voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Kerlin Cardoso voted for Vinicius Patel
  • Barbara Burgess voted for Vinicius Patel
  • Pia Miranda voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Deborah Albuquerque voted for Vinicius Patel
  • Deolane Bezerra voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • The Voice of Redhead From Mars by Vinicius Patel
  • Alex Gallet voted for Vinicius Patel
  • Iran Malfitano voted for Vinicius Patel
  • Strawberry Shortcake voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Pele Melfloz voted for Vinicius Patel
  • Petala Barreros voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Vinicius Patel voted for Deborah Albuquerque

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