May 30, 2023
And he was already much older.

And he was already much older.


The presenter participated in the “Quem pode, pod” podcast and provided details of the relationship

Angelica reveals that she lost her virginity to the record announcer at the age of 17
© Reproduction: Instagram / AngelicaAngelica reveals that she lost her virginity to the record announcer at the age of 17

presenters In Bice Lim And the jio bank They received in their last show, the podcast “Quem pode, pod” by the presenter Angelica. In a very interesting conversation, the blonde gave details about her career and marriage as well as her life.

In the midst of the conversation, Angelica revealed that she lost her virginity to a famous presenter from Record. According to her, she was going to date for a while with son of Caesarwho runs the programNowadays”. The presenter also said that the age difference between the two is large:I took a taxi with him, he was already much older, I was 15 and he was 28“.

She says, however, that the couple’s first time happened only a few years later:We dated for a while, then at 17 I lost my virginity. It’s been a long relationship, I think because of not dating, he was a super friend. He put up with an attitude that was crazy at the time, because I didn’t have time, he would go to shows to see me.r”, he trusts.

Not only was the relationship affected, according to the Eternal Video presenter, but her busy routine also hurt her adolescence: “At 22, I was a late teen, so I did everything. I went to nightclubs in disguise, got drunk, and reprized so much, it was a very difficult stage. I’ve lived a slightly more isolated life, but I’ve sought to have a bit of a normal life with these people who lived with me.“.