March 26, 2023

And what about reinforcements? The director does not see positions needed at Corinthians and wants to hire “quality”. Corinthians

Accustomed to giving short, quick answers, football manager Roberto de Andrade has lost track of goals Corinthians In the transfer market in the coming weeks, before the final stage of the Campeonato Paulista and the draw for the Libertadores groups.

The club understands the need to strengthen the squad, but for a manager, no jobs are completely deficient. However, “any position” can be beneficial as long as it is of high quality.

– technical question. Reinforcements are always welcome. Any position is always welcome. It has no priority. a Corinthians The base has been established, now we hope to bring someone to quality. Otherwise, there is no need for the position that the athlete needs, – the manager summed up.

Roberto de Andrade and Duilio Monteiro Alves, directors of Corinthians – Photography: Marcos Ripoli

Although he did not indicate what Timão’s priorities are in the market, the General Electric He discovered that the club intends to search for players mainly in midfield, such as attacking midfielder Christian Barletta, from Sao Bernardo, whose negotiations are still ongoing.

Some of the priorities are for the player to boost Yuri Alberto and Roger Geddes’ build-up moves and more speed options to attack, because the speedy Gustavo Mosqueto is injured and will only return in the second half.

Sao Bernardo striker Cristian Barletta is in the sights of Corinthians – Image: Diogo Reis/AGIF

Some defensive midfielders have been offered to the club, but this position does not interest the board of directors to spend, as the squad’s scope is slightly larger.

The group stage of the Libertadores begins in April, and the board of directors intends to fill the squad until the start of the continental championship. At the moment, left-back Matheus Bedou and striker Romero, who arrived to replace Mosquito, have been signed, but they have different characteristics.

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