February 6, 2023
André, Bia and Moranguinho make up 12 Roça from A Fazenda 14 - A Fazenda 14

André, Bia and Moranguinho make up 12 Roça from A Fazenda 14 – A Fazenda 14

Twelfth Roça de farm 14🇧🇷 André, Bia and Moranguinho compete for the audience’s preference to continue in the latest installment of the rural reality. Pape had the best Farmers Test of the season and ditched the hot seat.

Last Tuesday night (6), Bea Miranda had already confirmed her Roca presence after being rejected by Papi over a farmer’s hat dispute.

This Wednesday (7), the trio of Andre, Pape and Muranguinho took on a Fazendao team and an exciting race.

Pawns needed to show who’s good at questions and answers, and make accurate guesses! In each round they chose a category, and had to use chips to invest in the alternatives or alternatives they considered correct for each question. They started the game with 20 chips, and could risk it all on an alternate or split between options.

To win the last hat of the season it was necessary to have the most chips at the end of the race.

At the end of the first round, Papi and André still had 20 chips each, but Muranguinho made wrong guesses and had only 2 points left.

The second wave of questions was exciting! Papi was the first to play and he wasn’t good with choices, leaving him with only 3 chips. Andre, on the other hand, lost all the chips and ensured his presence in Roca after choosing the wrong substitutions. In the sequence, Moranguinho also lost his last two chips leading to wrong guesses.


After mistakes made by her teammates, Papi was the only one to finish the round with chips, taking last place in the backcountry enclosure, and eliminating Roca.

Under the leadership of Adriane Galisteu, farm 14 It is broadcast daily on TV recording🇧🇷 Access to Play Plus And follow 24 hours a day everything that’s happening in Barn of Legends.