June 29, 2022
Andre Marinho resigns from Jovim Ban after heated discussion with Bolsonaro

Andre Marinho resigns from Jovim Ban after heated discussion with Bolsonaro

André Marinho e Jair Bolsonaro (Crédito: Reprodução / Twitter)

This Thursday (04) comedian Andre MarinhoAnd Which, last week, led to a heated discussion with the President Jair Bolsonaro (No party), at the movie premiere Young Pan NewsThe TV channel of Radio Govum Ban has resigned from the car after the accident, according to information received from the portal O Antagonista.

Understand the controversy

At the end of October, while giving an interview on “Pânico”, Bolsonaro rebelled and stopped the live show. The head of state did not like a question posed by Andre Marinho, who is the son of businessman Paolo Marinho, a former ally of the politician. At the time, the comedian asked if the head of state thought that “crackers” should go to prison.

Visibly upset, Jair Bolsonaro said he was only “explaining his actions” and attacked Marinho, citing his father. “You know I’m the President of the Republic and I answer for my actions, okay? So I won’t accept your provocation. And you retreat to your press. I won’t. If I don’t, I’ll close the interview now. Your father is most interested in Flávio Bolsonaro’s chair. I won’t argue with you or else the interview will end here.” , He said.

“Your father wants the Flávio Bolsonaro chair. I decided with Flavio to nominate your father as the first alternative, and I trust him. There is no longer a conversation with you.

In a provocative tone, Andre Marinho questioned why Bolsonaro and former BBB Adrilles Jorge, a commentator on the channel, had not answered the question. After that, a general discussion began, with this, Jair Bolsonaro left the session.

Also according to O Antagonista, given the significant fallout from the fight, executives from the Jovem Pan Group began to fear losing the Pocket Narista seal.

Today, Emilio Soretta, presenter of the “Pânico” program, said that the doors of the station are still open for Andre Marinho.

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