February 6, 2023
Andre Marinho was eliminated from A Fazenda 14 in Roça Especial - A Fazenda 14

Andre Marinho was eliminated from A Fazenda 14 in Roça Especial – A Fazenda 14

The game is over for Andre Marinho! The pawn was the thirteenth eliminated from farm 14 In the live program on Monday (12), in Roça Especial, with 3.49% of the vote. The singer lost the controversy to audience preference over Barbara Borges, Pia Miranda and Iran Malfitano, in a poll conducted in R7.com🇧🇷

Roça Especial was formed on Sunday (11) In a dynamic with Andre, Babe, Pia, Iran and Pele, the pawns are eliminated🇧🇷 In Trios, everyone received two of their team’s previous pawns, and together they faced three amazing challenges, worth a total of R$100,000.

After successfully completing the three stages and starting a countdown to see who has collected the most money, the trio of Pele, Deborah and Tati were awarded R$26,000. And even helped the rapper escape from the private rock band formed by Andre, Papi, Pia and Iran🇧🇷

Smooth through the headquarters, Andre grabbed the spotlight after rebelling against the former allies of Deolândia and said he was going to found Group C.

The singer started the game in a rather quiet and shy manner. From the very beginning, he prioritized his friendship with Iran Malfitano, with whom he already had relations outside of headquarters. However, when the pawns were divided into two groups, Andrei preferred to stay on the team opposite his friends and Join the so-called Group A🇧🇷

He found himself in a “beak pool.” When he conquered Lampião do Poder And he had to decide between helping his allies or repaying the flame power Iran received. in the end, André chose to give it to Deolane BezerraIts ally in Group A.

The singer had some reservations with Deborah Albuquerque throughout reality. slam it And he even said that he could not stay in the same place as the actress. Andre also lost his patience with Kerlin Cardoso During the last chance dynamic.

He also saw his alliance with Group A crumble. I’ve been uncomfortable with the relationship between the pawn and Iran for some time now, Strawberry Shortcake chose not to save the then-ally in Resta Um After he refused to vote for his friend. The singer got very angry, went straight to the seat and started fighting🇧🇷 Andre and the people of Group A They staged many endless battles in recent days🇧🇷

With Deolane winning the Prova do Fazendeiro, André fell into the spotlight, but was saved by the crowd and An exciting return to headquarters🇧🇷 Since then, The mischief between him and Strawberry Shortcake was marked by more argumentswhich generated more atmosphere between the former allies.

After Pape was “eliminated” in Fake Rocca vs. Diolan and Petala, Andre and Iran were warned of a dynamic in the Rancho. But when they arrived, Find out that the friend is still resolute and strong in the game And I enjoyed an afternoon with her. Andre and Iran both performed flawlessly and no one suspected the fake Roca.

Andre was saved by the crowd a second time in Rocca, who eliminated Moranguinho. However, this time the singer said goodbye to the rural reality on the final stage after the first Roça Especial.

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