January 29, 2023
Andre, Papi, Pia and Moranginho in the fields.  Poll TV news

Andre, Papi, Pia and Moranginho in the fields. Poll TV news

Andre Marinho, Barbara Borges, Pia Miranda and Elaine Cardoso, Moranguinho, in Lawn No. 12 farm 14🇧🇷 The rocheros are set for Tuesday night (7). Who do you want to be on the reality show on Record? Vote in the poll the news in this text.

Experience by FirewinnerHowever, André is summoned by Adriane Galisteu to reveal his Lantern powers. She had the task of choosing between the red and yellow scrolls and chose the first option. After that, he handed the other over to Iran Malfitano.

Next, Pele Melfellows made his nomination as Farmer of the Week and chose Pia. “It’s nothing new. Bea said I don’t play, I can’t see it that way. If we all get here, it’s because everyone has their own style of play,” shoots the big boss.

“I don’t think Pele is playing. It’s not my game to shout and curse, that’s who I am. I’m not going to change here. I came without any strategy, I learned everything here,” Gretchen’s granddaughter replies.

voting seat

With few voting options available, André becomes a target for headquarters voting. The former power couple received four votes. Then Adrian Gallisto asked Iran to reveal the yellow force.

“Today the third farmer will be chosen by the remaining one and the dynamic will start,” the representative declared. However, Strawberry Shortcake was left behind and ended up on the third seat.

After that, Andrei, revealing what was in the red parchment, read the musician who aimed at Babi: “You will point to the fourth peasant today.” Ex Paqueta took issue with Bea from this Wednesday’s farmer’s test (7).

Who voted for whom?

See below for who voted for who in the Roca formation:

  • Andre Marino voted for Barbara Borges
  • Pia Miranda voiced by Andre Marinho
  • Barbara Borges voiced Andre Marinho
  • Iran Malfitano voiced Andre Marinho
  • Moranginho voted for Andre Marinho


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