December 8, 2022
Andre Valadao, the Polish priest who lied about TSE, owes the federation more than R$2m

Andre Valadao, the Polish priest who lied about TSE, owes the federation more than R$2m

I wrote in Policies he is

Unveiled by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) after lying in a video of Lula (PT) on social media, Bolsonaro pastor André Valadão, of Lagoinha Baptist Church, in Belo Horizonte (MG), owes more than R$2 million to the union Federal.

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According to information received from the portal “Regeres”, which publishes a list of debtors to the federal government, the Ministry of André Valadao, the trading name of the company “Music Production” Amando Vidas Eventos Ltda, has an active debt of R$2,259.23 061.

Most of the debt – R$1,885,982.51 – is tax debt, that is, it refers to the taxes owed by Valadão to the federal government. But there is another 175,276.72 R$ in social security debt.

On Thursday (20), Valadao admitted he lied when he said in a video that he had received a “subpoena” from Alexandre de Moraes, president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), to retract his saying, among other things, that Lula would be “in favor of an abortion.” drugs and the release of petty thefts.

In the video, Valadao speaks in a theatrical fashion and with a black background, in an obvious victim pose and trying to give the impression that he is being censored by electoral justice.

According to TSE, Valadão was cited on October 6 only to be aware of the process and to present his defence. In presenting this defense, it will be up to Minister Maria Claudia Boccianeri, Rapporteur of the case, to judge and issue a ruling, and he may or may not request a retraction. That is, the priest lied by suggesting that he was forced to recant by the court.

In the face of debunking the lie, Bolsonarista released a new leaflet, this Thursday (29), with a photo of the lawsuit brought by the Lula Alliance and the paragraph quoting the response within a day – that is, she presents her defense to the minister charged with ruling on the case.

“In order for the request to lose the thing, so that there is no invasion of my profile, under the cloak of a false right of reply, I recorded the video in the opposite direction of what was initially done,” Valadao wrote, acknowledging that he tried to circumvent the electoral court. By anticipating a decline that has not yet been identified.