October 1, 2022
Andrea Survitao breathing after menopausal symptoms |  the body

Andrea Survitao breathing after menopausal symptoms | the body

Andrea Surfertau He used his social media account to vent about an important issue with his fans and followers, this (fourth) Tuesday. In the post, the former Paquita says she has entered menopause and is dealing with hormonal and physical changes, while treating hypothyroidism and preparing for its change. silicone implants.

“Those who follow me know how transparent and realistic I am in my posts…sorry I can’t be any different. So, come on…I’m not pregnant! But yeah, I realized at that moment that all women suffer too…menopause!” !

I’ve been feeling this heat for 5 years now and I feel hot, lazy, lazy, and the lack of libido caused by low hormones in our bodies…and of course, I went back and recovered well!! I saw I had hypothyroidism…and that’s it…lifetime medication. Well, if for the better … let’s go!!!

With this pandemic, some things have gotten worse…a sedentary lifestyle, fears, and even greater hotness. None of MENOPAUSE ever arrived.

I have to change the encapsulated breast implants (this is very dangerous, girls!!! Don’t forget to check who has too!!) ​​and with this, of course, my breast reduction, again, which bothers me, my weight is down!!

If I could, I wouldn’t do any of this, but for health I should. I have to lose a few pounds which I saw also increased due to Lesser-Known Menopause Symptoms, which comes and does not come…due to hypothyroidism I should see if I need to increase the dose. With that, the column also screams. .

And yes..let’s follow a diet..let’s go?! Details: I don’t eat much…Alcohol is only social…I’m not antisocial…THIS IS IMPORTANT, EVERYTHING LIGHT!!!

And what I want to tell you is that first of all be careful!! love your self!!! Health first and be happy! “

Andrea Survitao and Conrado – Photo: Instagram