Andréanne A. Malette, artistic personality 2018 “The Voice of the East”

Andréanne A. Malette, personnalité artistique 2018 de «La Voix de l'Est»

Two songs in the top of the charts, the first three nominations at the ADISQ awards, and a few honors additional… Andréanne A. Malette has experienced a lot of success in 2018. And it all started with the success of “Crazy”…

“This song, this is the key element that has led to all the rest”, is of the opinion the true guitarist of Andréanne A. Malette for the past 10 years, Judith Sun. “Even if we could not foresee that it was going to be at the top of the charts for weeks, we knew even before the radios start to play she would walk because you were always super nice reactions when it was in the show,” she says.

“A lot of people have discovered or rediscovered thanks to her,” she said again.

Unveiled in 2017, the title, which appears on the eponymous album and independent that Andréanne was launched a little over a year, has trôné at the top of the list of winners of the ADISQ for 16 weeks and remained in the top 10 for more than 40 weeks, in addition to being awarded a plaque of SOCAN for its position at the top of the charts radio.

Crazy has continued to resonate in 2018, so well that it has been selected among the ten titles shortlisted for the prix Félix-Leclerc and the price of the chanson SOCAN, in addition to sneaking in the category Song of the year at the last ADISQ gala, something that he had done the previous year, to the great astonishment of many.

Andréanne A. Malette is also harvested in last September, two other early nominations for the Félix in the category Album of folk and female Performer of the year, and Crazy has also brought in its wake Here and elsewhere, another title that has also risen to the top of the charts and that has allowed the Granbyenne to collect a second plate of the CAPAC.

A place in the sun

If she has unfortunately managed to get their hands on any of the honours sought, the singer-songwriter-performer of 30 years may nevertheless be delighted to be able to carve a nice place in the sun in quebec’s musical landscape.

To give you an idea, know that a tour of barely a dozen performances was organized after the launch of Bohemians, his debut album, in 2014. Crazy will have resulted in 50 performances in 2018, and this figure will double certainly by the end of 2019, according to his agent shows, David Lavergne.

Also the leader of the formation Bears of Legend, the latter manages The home, an agency to be very selective in the choice of artists it represents — they are only six.

“We discovered a lot of things in common, including the management of our own career, without anything to be forced by anyone,” he replies when asked why he agreed to take Poulin under his wing.

“I also admire his audacity, his tenacity and his ambition always respectful of what’s happening around her. This is not the kind of girl who is going to pound on someone’s head to reach its goals”, he adds. “It was the year that she deserved for a long time.”

“It is far from an overnight success. It’s been 15 years that she is working on it. It is a bit like a culmination,” for its part, noted his father, Richard Malette, when asked to summarize the exceptional year of his daughter.

It is far from surprised at the path it has taken. “She has always had what it took to break through in music, even any small. She did not speak still she sang, and she walked in just as she was dancing already,” he recalls.


This artistic talent blends a skill for some to play the women in business that does not pass unnoticed by the one who made the choice three years ago, to be an independent artist, founding his own company, les Productions Nia.

“What I admire the most Andréanne, is that she is capable of being a writer-composer-performer and a woman who is able to manage all the patent back. There are not many artists are able to do both. And, she is super comfortable in there,” stresses Judith Sun.

“This is a girl who is overly motivated and focus, she adds. It is not the kind of person to sit on what she has, she always has ideas that are out of the ordinary, as his tour of the camp Fire. There is no doubt that she will succeed to carry out a beautiful career. In its own way.”

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