December 8, 2022
Andreas lists Paulo Sousa's mistakes in Flamengo: "Everton as a left-back. That's not the case, brother" |  flamingo

Andreas lists Paulo Sousa’s mistakes in Flamengo: “Everton as a left-back. That’s not the case, brother” | flamingo

Passage of Paulo Sousa in flamingo He didn’t miss the fans nor the players it seemed. Andreas Pereira, who was part of the group in the first half and today defends Fulham, admitted that the Portuguese coach does not care about the squad.

The midfielder who left flamingo At the end of June and agreed with Fulham, he said in an interview with Ronaldo’s live TV channel “Gogo Onde”, that he felt a lack of harmony from the beginning of the work and that the band did not absorb the ideas of Paulo Sousa.

A lot has happened (laughs). I don’t know how to explain what happened. But thinking about him as a coach is different. And to show the group how I had to play, I felt from the first moment that it did not fit the idea. Of course as a group we can’t give up on the guy. We said we would try. But it didn’t work. Andreas said.

Paulo Sousa and Andreas Pereira – Flamengo X Universidad Católica – Photography: Andre Durao

Andreas also referred to the tactical system imposed by Paulo Sousa as a complicating factor. upon arrival at flamingoThe club started playing in 3-5-2. Some players, such as Everton Ribeiro, have changed positions and declined in performance.

3-5-2 system… flamingo Winning all those years at 4-3-3. Arrived and turned 3-5-2. Then I see Everton Ribeiro as a left-back and I think: “Not there, brother.” All seasoned players were like, “Gee, there’s something going on.” We tried, but there comes a time when everyone says it can’t be done anymore. We were punching the wall.

Andreas lists Paulo Sousa’s mistakes in Flamengo: “Everton in the side?

– David, Diego and Felipe always talked to us: “Let’s try another way, we can’t give up.” If we win games and you don’t agree, that’s one thing. Now if you don’t win matches, you don’t enjoy it and it’s hard for players to start falling back.

Paulo Sousa has been kicked out of flamingo In early June. Signed to Dorival Junior, the team rose up at the Brazil table and is in the Copa del Rey and Libertadores decisions.

Dorival’s praise and more criticism of Sousa: “You can’t go to Marinho and talk: play two clicks”

Andreas stated that Dorival Júnior has changed flamingo Because he encouraged the players to do what they were used to and got them out of a moment of self-confidence crisis.

– From the first moment he arrived at flamingo. In the first match with Internacional, he traveled from Ciara and arrived and spoke with us. He said, “This group has everything.” He said whatever the group wanted to hear, giving them confidence. We were at a point where we thought, “Are we really that good?”

– We did not make 10 passes in a row, we took a “taka” from any team. I said: “Gee, my brother, he and …”. He gave confidence to all the players, not just the 11. With me it was amazing, phenomenal.

Andreas Pereira said Paulo Sousa began suspending players with a series of bans on the field.

– He said: “Andreas, do not hesitate.” With Paulo Sousa, we were like ‘You can’t do it here, you can do it there’. There comes a time when you get stuck. You have your instinct that you learned to play ball and ended up procrastinating. European coaches are more inclined to say that they cannot take risks in such a place on the pitch. But the coach knows how to talk to each player and the way.

– You can’t reach Marinho, who dribbles well and shoots well, and says: “Marinho, let’s play with two touches.” “Gee, Andreas, do two touches and you can’t make a risky pass,” Lee says. This is complicated. Dorival arrived and said, “Make yourself comfortable, do what you feel good about.”

Finally, he was asked if he would get a medal in the event that he won the title of Libertadores, the athlete said he deserved. He joked with the fact that the team was expelled immediately after its departure to England.

The last match I played was with Tolima. We had already taken off, I won the match, I left Mingao, and they took off (laughs). You have played seven matches, you must play at least six. I scored a little goal, so we’re in the zone (laughs).

– Photo: clone

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