May 31, 2023
Andreas Pereira scores in a farewell, Flamengo defeats Tolima and guarantees an advantage in the Libertadores

Andreas Pereira scores in a farewell, Flamengo defeats Tolima and guarantees an advantage in the Libertadores

It was not a compensation for a mistake in a decision Editors 2021, but Andreas Pereira finished his time in flamingo positive performance. After all, he scored the winning goal against Tolima, Wednesday, in Colombia, 1-0, in the round of 16 of Editors. Thus, the 18th jersey says goodbye, sending the team’s place to the cup quarter-finals.

Andreas Pereira scored the winning goal for Flamengo in Colombia (Daniel MUNOZ / AFP)

With the result in Ibague, Flamengo play for a tie in Rio de Janeiro. On the other hand, Tolima needs a two-goal win to advance to the quarter-finals, and a narrow victory for the Colombian will take the decision on penalties.

Now, Flamengo turns his attention to Brazilian: Saturday, in Villa Belmiro, they face Santos. rematch Editors Against Tolima it will be on Wednesday, at 21:30, in the Maracana.

Andreas says goodbye with a goal!

In his last match as a Flamengo player, Andreas Pereira was responsible for opening the scoring for Ibague. And soon the goal was superb: a kick into the corner, from outside the area, leaving goalkeeper Dominguez unreacted. In celebration, the midfielder took an air out, took off his shirt and ran towards the reserve, where his teammates celebrated him greatly.

Flamingo goes to meltdown in profit

Before and after the goal, the match got out of hand. Faced with various absences, Dorival Junior – who watched the match from the stand suspended – chose a midfield with Thiago Maia and Diego, as well as Andreas. However, protecting the area was unsuccessful, as Tolima found a large area on the left side. However, ten shots in the first half were not enough for a draw.

Leo Pereira, twice, goalkeeper Santos prevented the Colombian equalizer. Hernan Torres’ side even scored with Caicedo, but the offside was reported after a VAR review.

Possession of the ball does not change the outcome

If possession of the ball was divided in the first half, after the break Tolima reached 60% until the 30th minute of the final stage, but could not turn it into real chances. The size of the home team has decreased a lot, and Santos has shown confidence when needed.

With the additions of Ayrton Lucas, Lazaro and Mario, Flamengo withdrew and waited for the counterattack – which took some time. Lucas Silvestre’s first shot was by Marinho himself, at the age of 30. Andreas took a risk at 34, but none of the attempts were dangerous.

In addition to Ibague, Tolima and Flamengo had clear chances, but Riascos and Pedro did not take advantage of them, and Robro Negro of Colombia will return with a good advantage in the bag.

data sheet
Tolima 0 x 1 Flamingo

place: Manuel Murillo Toro Stadium, Ibago (Colonel)
date and time: 06/29/2022, at 21:30
Rule: Jesus Valenzuela (Vin)
Auxiliaries: Jorge Origo (Vinn) and Tulio Moreno (Vinn)
Video Assistant Referee: Andres Cunha (URU)
Income / Audience: second abbreviation

Objectives: Andreas Pereira (0-1, 17 min / 1)
yellow card: Andreas Pereira, Gabi and David Luiz (FLA)
red card: he was not there.

Tolima (Coach: Hernan Torres)

Dominguez. Riascos, Quiñonez, Moya, and Angulo; Rovera, Orenia (Ramirez, 31 min/2ºT) and Garcia (Cattaneo, 13 min/2ºT); Miranda, Mina and Kaisedou (Michael Wrangel, 21min/2ºT)

Flamengo (Coach: Lucas Silvestre)

Santos, Rodini (Mathuzinho, 38 min / sec), David Luiz, Leo Pereira and Felipe Luis (Lazzaro, 20 min / sec); Thiago Maia, Diego Ribas (Ayrton Lucas, 11min/sec), Andreas Pereira, Everton Ribeiro (Marinho, 20min/sec) and Arascaeta; Gabi (Pedro, 38 min/2ºT).