June 26, 2022
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Andressa Urach says the former has sent the police where she will perform: “Do you want to arrest me?”

Andressa Urach He used his Instagram account in the early hours of Friday morning (1) to show that the ex-husband, a businessman Thiago LopezSend the police to the place where you’re going to perform.

In her stories, the model said she doesn’t understand why he did what he did, that the two are separated and that she doesn’t do drugs.

Guys, my ex-husband is in front of my work with the police, do you want me to be arrested for what? I came to make an offer, I didn’t understand. We are separated, I did not miscarry or do drugs! And it was he who got me pregnant,” the model wrote.

After that, Andressa posted a photo of the entrance to the place showing at least two cars and police officers.

“A little while later I was going to introduce myself, playing at 1:30 a.m. and my ex was here at the door, wanting, I don’t know, to suddenly arrest me because I don’t know what. He’s accusing me of things I didn’t do,” the model said in a video.

Andressa says she’s been drug free for over 7 years, that she just wants to work and that he’s the one who got her pregnant.

“I haven’t used drugs for more than 7 years. And I don’t know why he’s here at the front, because we’re not together anymore. I don’t understand where he’s going with this. He’s up with the police. Are you aware of this? I want to work. First ‘He was the one who got me pregnant. So, like, I don’t understand,’

A little later, Thiago Lopez took to his Instagram to say that he brought Andressa home. At home. The businessman wrote when he posted a picture of his ex-wife.

He also left a message for the Gruta Azul nightclub, where Andressa will perform, and posted the same photo that Andressa used in her stories, with the police at the door of the venue. “Attention, tramp brothel. He said.

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