October 1, 2022
Android phones should get 31 new emojis, says Google |  productivity

Android phones should get 31 new emojis, says Google | productivity

a The Google It added about 31 new fixed emojis in the Noto font, according to a developer blog on Tuesday (13) — among them the long-awaited pink heart, trembling face, and Wi-Fi signal. The novelty provides updated emoji according to the Unicode 15.0 specification, which was also made available on Tuesday. However, for now, its use is limited to the web, with downloads available in the . format GIFAnd the web And Lottie – an open source animation that creates resizable files without quality loss. According to a Google post, these new emojis are expected to arrive on mobile phones in 2023.

Google released 180 animated emoji after publication of the Unicode 15.0 standard – Photo: Unsplash / Domingo Alvarez

The 31 fixed numbers newly added in Unicode 15.0, which is already integrated by Google, consist of 20 entirely new numbers. The rest are different variations of emojis, such as the different skin tones in the pushing hand symbol and the colors of the heart.

In addition, 180 animated emojis have been added as well – which in turn does not include these 31 new cartoons. On the animation download page, the giant states: “With nearly 4,000 emojis, we live one day at a time. You can expect Adding more in the future.”

New emojis have been added to the Unicode 15.0 standard, already approved by Google – Image: Reproduction / Emojipedia

However, it is worth remembering that Noto Color Emoji, the font that brings together fixed-style emojis from Google, currently contains 3,664 numbers. The company also has thousands of emojis in a monochrome version, originally released in April of this year, as a kind of “go back in antiquity.”

Another new thing from Google is the adoption of the COLRv1 standard, which allows you to change the colors of emojis. Users can switch the character’s tones and create their own version of the look, as in the example below. At the moment, COLRv1 support is only available in Chrome Nor Microsoft Edgebut the fire fox You should get the feature soon.

Noto Emoji, a monochrome emoji font that Google launched in April – Photo: Reproduction / Google

It should be noted that customizations using the COLRv1 standard cannot be used in messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram. However, Google is looking to expand the emoji customization capabilities in these apps.

Color-changing duck emoji thanks to the new COLRv1 style – Photo: On / Glitch

To provide the possibility of customization in these applications, the manufacturer has updated “Emoji Kitchen” featureFrom gboard, with a feature that allows you to change the colors of emojis with colored hearts. To do this, simply enter the desired emoji followed by the heart in the color of your choice. A rose and a yellow heart, for example, would generate a yellow rose.

There is no confirmation of the release of these faces on mobile phones with AndroidBut, as Google indicated in its blog post, it will likely be publicly available in 2023. take you I called the company to confirm the date, but as of closing the order, they still hadn’t received the answers.

Gboard’s ‘Emoji Kitchen’ feature now lets you change the color of emojis – Photo: Disclosure / Google

with information from Take CrunchThe Google (1And the twoAnd the 3), Lotte filesAnd the Unicode

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