July 14, 2024

Anita on Jimmy Fallon Show: Everything we know about the singer’s engagement | pop

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Anita on Jimmy Fallon Show: Everything we know about the singer's engagement |  pop
Anita on Jimmy Fallon Show: Everything we know about the singer's engagement |  pop

just give Anita! And we’re counting down the minutes to watch the powerful participation in the American show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, Monday evening, 31, in New York (Tuesday morning, 1:30 a.m., in Brazil, according to schedule. From Brasilia).

Anita gives an interview and sings on stage on Jimmy Fallon Show – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

And before we see the pop singer shine on the stage of one of the most famous presenters in the world, singing for the first time the song “Boys Don’t Cry”, We tell you what we know about this show so far!

Anita on stage at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” – Photo: clone/Instagram

1 – You’ll deliver what we want: controversy and fun!

If there’s one thing the powerful know all too well, it’s how to use the best strategy for anything: business, in Music, in the content he produces on social networks or even what he says in an interview. is for Jimmy FallonShe said it was authentic, entertaining and fun, and yes she talks a lot about bullshit.

Anita talks about her interview with Jimmy Fallon

Anita talks about her interview with Jimmy Fallon

“The interview was so funny, you talked a lot of bullshit, you brought a side of me that brings sharing, controversy, discussion, funny things and laughter….” Yes, because I started, and it’s the thing that produces and gives engagement, and makes people call me over and over again. Over time, obviously, I’ll be able to have more space to talk about the more serious things, the more serious side of Brazil, of my career. This is called strategy,” he said.

2 – It’s the first time this has been done Anita They will be interviewed…

The singer speaks for the first time with Jimmy Fallon To talk about his professional and personal life. The show is one of the biggest audiences in the US, and the sofa is one of the most contested!

3 – But the third that will be in the program

Anita He was already there on two occasions: in 2017, when he gave a presentation with the rapper Iggy AzaleaAnd she sang the song for Switch, and in 2020, when she sang live from Pão de Açúcar in Rio de Janeiro, Music “Me Gusta” partnered with rapper Cardi B and the singer Mike Towers.

4 – Because of that, she still didn’t sing “Boys Don’t Cry” in Brazil

During his carnival rehearsal in Guarabari (Spain), on Sunday, 30, fans begged him Anita She sang “Boys Don’t Cry,” but said, “I can’t, you’ll understand why on Monday.” Well, we already know why, right?

Anita participates in the carnival block rehearsal in Guarabari (Spain) – Photo: Instagram / Instagram

5 – With the release of “Boys Don’t Cry” in the USA, Your name rose in searches across the country. And we know this will increase after today’s interview!

After the release of the new hit on Thursday, 27, the name was searched for Anita It grew over 400% in the US; Less than 24 hours after launch. Let her learn!

Learn all about Anita here 👇

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