September 26, 2023
Anitha earns 'rain money' in a nightclub in America

Anitha earns ‘rain money’ in a nightclub in America

Anita makes ‘Rain Money’ in a ballad in the United States:

Anita He did ‘Money Fall From The Sky’ at a club in America last night. The singer threw dollar bills in the air while having fun, then smiled at the camera. She posted the post on her Instagram account, which was followed by photos of the look she chose to rock the night.

In February this year, the funk singer was also spotted at a nightclub in Miami with several bills in hand. In the video, the singer throws money in the air and cheers with ‘Hit’.On the floor, brand new‘, a collaboration he recorded with Pedro Sampaio.

The artist has been spending time at his Florida home and hanging out with friends VMA Last Sunday, at the 28. Awards, the artist won the ‘Best Latin Music Video’ award, becoming the first Brazilian woman to take home the ‘Silver Astronaut’.

Anita encourages 'money rain' at the party

Anita encourages ‘money rain’ at the party

Photo: Background / Instagram

During the event, Anita performed her song ‘Envolver’ and a mashup of other funk hits such as ‘Movimento da Sanfoninha’, ‘Vai Malandra’ and her new single with Missy Elliott ‘Lobby’. On the Internet, fans cheered with the representation of Brazilian music on the stage of the award show with a global project. “What an amazing feeling to be Brazilian,” one netizen wrote.